Sanremo 2023, Aries: “Singing with the orchestra has an absurd impact”

The singer-songwriter from Anzio: “Amadeus has given the festival a turning point, he has understood how music works without disinheriting the previous music”.

“With the orchestra, the impact was absurd, incredible. on February 7. Everyone told me: ‘a second before you’ll feel bad’. But for now I’m so, so loaded”. Ariesborn Arianna Del Giaccio born in 2022, considered one of the leading figures of the new indie songwritinghe begins competing in Sanremo with the ballad ‘Sea of ​​trouble’ in which he tells the breakup of a relationship between women (“you were more beautiful than me and now that the bed is empty and the house is silent I’m afraid to sleep”) does not hold back the enthusiasm of the first time and does not hide the gratitude for the imprint given by Amadeus at the festival. “I think Amadeus has given the festival a very important turning point: he understood how music works now but he didn’t disinherit the music that was there before. So I can be in Sanremo, but also Gianluca Grignani, Anna Oxa but also Tananai. And it’s beautiful like this, ”she points out.

Of ‘Sea of ​​Troubles’ he says, “It is a song very very mine. I feel comfortable telling my life and the things that happen to me. And when I’m down I write more. I’m talking about scenes of everyday life, to get to a giant sea of ​​troubles, I’m talking about my empty house, to get to the sea of ​​troubles in which I get lost. It’s a song about a breakup, but much more introspective. I tell how I overcome a breakup more than a change”. The song, written with Calcutta and Dardust, “started from a verse and a chorus that I had written”. “But the second verse and the melodic breakthrough we found working with Calcutta , whom I respect very much, is one of my favorite artists. And it’s been a mega honor to write together.”

Speaking of relationship with San Remo, admits that she knows the Festival above all thanks to her uncle, “a mega fan of Sanremo, who takes a week off to be able to follow it all: you can imagine her reaction when I joined the cast”. “In the past, I didn’t watch Sanremo very much, even if I remember some moments, like Nek’s performance on ‘Se Telefonando’ on cover night. But in recent years, with the space given by Amadeus to artists of my generation, I’ve begun to follow him”.

About emotion and expectations that accompany this debut he adds: “Things don’t necessarily happen. But you have to be prepared. If you go on the wrong foot, don’t go as soon as possible. I believe that the basis of my work must be curiosity and the desire to get involved. And anyway I’m studying a lot, I’m preparing a lot on a technical level to get on that stage, “she points out.

Of the colleagues she will find competing in Sanremo (“all big names, for me it’s a giant honour”) she says she is “very curious to hear the song by Marco Mengoniwhich I guess is a good song, that of Rosa Chemicalwhich I know well and could be a nice surprise, and then also Gianmaria and absolutely Madame. But most of all I can’t wait to sing mine“, he concludes.