Sanremo 2023, Aries takes us over the Sea of ​​Troubles to happiness

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Sea of ​​trouble it is a melancholic and reflective piece, which speaks of a finished relationship told in an introspective perspective, without however abandoning oneself to sadness as an end in itself. Aries, born in 2002 Arianna del Giaccio, invites you to react, to find the strength to re-emerge from a bad moment and carry on with your head held high. The song, emotional and sentimental, totally represents Aries and her way of approaching her life.

Arianna, how are rehearsals going?

They loaded me. Sanremo is an invigorating experience and I feel ready.
Why did you choose Sea of ​​Troubles?

This is the right song because it was born naturally. I have never set limits or goals on the things I do. It comes from a draft made with Dardust and was originally not supposed to go anywhere.
What made you change your mind?

The orchestra that enhances it and then because among the authors there is Calcutta to which is added the elegant production of Dardust.

The song sincerely tells the end of a love affair.

Everything that goes online becomes… everyone’s. It’s a truthful song, I had just broken up, Dardust leaves me a trace, I go upstairs, I put myself on the bed and the first input is everyday life.
Then, as already mentioned, comes the contribution of Calcutta.

He marked the turning point of indie. I’m not for labels, if the music is beautiful… it’s always beautiful. Indie is not a genre but a belonging. And I repeat that if it is a good song it remains.
What do you expect from the Ariston?

I want to return from Sanremo with the awareness that experiences, as long as they are new, are always beautiful. I want to learn from the orchestra and I also want to learn from the spanners I will encounter.
Is your human and artistic epicenter still Rome?

For the work I do, I could be anywhere, I’ve always gone where my heart took me and it was always Rome. A lot of truth is linked to the fact that in Rome you leave your house and feel amazed, and you say to yourself ‘ah, how beautiful!’. I am very attached to the city, think I wrote Pills on the terrace in Termini, while I was breaking up with what became my first ex; then I grew up on regional trains and on the metro, it’s a functional city for me as I don’t have a driving licence. It’s a city you can romanticise.

What is happiness? Today the loves that end are sung more than those that are born.

From my experience I have written many songs in which I was happy, but I tell you that when I am happy I go dancing, I am with friends, happiness must be lived, evil must also be lived but then overcome and if I can help with my music i am happy. When I’m fine I don’t write a song, I write it if I have something to say. The beauty and ugliness of happiness is that you don’t realize when you really are, while if you’re sick a beating comes.
Live is a dimension that exalts you.

It’s a fire you have inside, you are born on a stage. All energies are concentrated there and to be on stage you don’t have to study, it’s an innate strength. In my lives there is a lot of interaction and there is the story of the public’s problems.