Sanremo 2023, Codacons urgently appeals to the Tar: “Block opinion poll juries and press room”

The text seen by Adnkronos contests the “absence of criteria for appointing jurors that guarantee impartiality and transparency make the acts adopted by Rai null”

Codacons presented today an urgent appeal to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court asking to suspend the opinion poll jury of the next Sanremo Festival and that of the Press Room, TV, Radio and Web, to force Rai “to make a new appointment of the two juries on the basis of transparent criteria that guarantee impartiality and fairness”.

In the association’s appeal, which Adnkronos has seen, we read: “In the Sanremo 2023 Regulation, with reference to the Demoscopic jury, the only assumption is read: ‘The Demoscopica is made up of three hundred selected members who will vote through an application dedicated to them and created for the occasion”. In addition to this, nothing. So citizens are not given to know who the 300 members chosen by this jury are and, above all, by what criteria they were chosen. The consumers who will go to spend money to vote for their favorite artists via televoting, they don’t know if their votes can be thwarted by this jury […]”.

For Codacons therefore “there was no predetermination of the parameters for the correct identification of the members of this jury, so that the appointment provision could prove to be illegitimate as it is not subject to an effective verification of compliance with the aforementioned principles of impartiality, transparency and pluralism. Both the Tar and the Council of State have repeatedly clarified that the provision for the appointment of members of public administration commissions, if it is not preceded by the prior predetermination of the criteria for proceeding with the appointments, is null”.

The document continues: “It therefore appears clear that it is very important that the members of the Jury have been chosen through specific criteria that guarantee participatory pluralism and impartiality with respect to the singers in the competition in order to guarantee that the voting operations are completely genuine and impartial and the votes cast by televoting by users are not nullified”.

As regards the Jury of the Press Room, TV, Radio and Web, “from the Sanremo 2023 Regulation, it appears instead that there are criteria ‘indicated by the Rai Press Office’ – reads the urgent appeal presented by Codacons to the Lazio Tar viewed by Adnkronos- However, these criteria, although mentioned, are not published and therefore it is appropriate, for the same reasons expressed in the previous paragraph, that Rai publishes them on its website under penalty of non-existence of the same. incompatible with the principles of impartiality, transparency and pluralism that RAI must pursue by virtue of the obligations assumed with the Ministry of Economic Development, with the community and as Manager of the Public Service”.

For these reasons, Codacons urgently requested the Lazio Regional Administrative Court to issue a precautionary decree before the start of the Festival scheduled for February 7, with which the two juries are suspended and Rai l ‘obligation to provide for the criteria for the nominations of the members of the same juries, the exclusion from any jury of the 15 journalists who have already listened to a preview of the songs in the competition, new nominations according to the aforementioned criteria in order to guarantee impartiality, pluralism and transparency in voting operations”.