Sanremo 2023, daughter of Little Tony: “No excuses from Gino Paoli, I’m considering a lawsuit”

Cristiana Ciacci: “He called my father a cuckold and called my mother no good. I ask for a public apology, because the offense was public but I know it won’t come”

Gino Paoli called my father a cuckold and called my mother no good. A very ugly, out of place, out of context, inappropriate, indelicate and even ignorant offense, because it offends the memory of my dead parents, who cannot reply in any way “. This is what Little Tony’s daughter Cristiana Ciacci declares to Fanpage , with reference to the sentences pronounced by the singer-songwriter on the stage of the ‘Sanremo Festival’ where he was among the super guests.

That my mother has been going through it all again, I’m sure it never has, knowing well how it was made. Also, that in the 12 years my parents have been together, they may have cheated on each other, it’s likely but not in the way he said it. In any case, even if it were, it was not up to Gino Paoli to say it, after my father’s death and on the Ariston stage”, reiterates Little Tony’s daughter.

No apologies came, neither public nor private and I already know they will never come. I ask for public apologies, because the offense was public. We need an awareness, having the balls to say ‘I said bullshit, I was wrong, I apologize’. If you don’t have the balls to make a public apology, at least make it private. Find my number, call me and apologize.” Cristiana Ciacci evaluates legal initiatives: “I’m consulting a lawyer, I have to decide whether to sue Gino Paoli. I’m taking a few days to reflect, it’s been a hectic week. In the meantime, I continue to wait, but I know that neither public nor private apologies will come. I will decide what to do. I feel the responsibility of having to defend two people who are no longer here, my parents. I don’t allow anyone to throw mud at them. That’s for sure. I’ll figure out how to do it.”

Little Tony’s daughter instead acquits the conductors Amadeus and Gianni Morandi: “They found themselves in complete embarrassment. Morandi himself said ‘You can’t say these things’. A tile fell on both of our heads. What could they have done? scold him? I have nothing to say about them, only about Gino Paoli. I think Morandi was expecting a different kind of anecdote, a pleasant memory, given that dad’s birthday also fell that week. I’m sure he never expected Paoli to come up with something like this”.