Sanremo 2023, does Twitter close? Fear sets Festivals on trend

Thousands of comments from worried festival fans: “How are we going to comment on the festival week?”

While the whole world wonders about the fate of He tweetsr, between mass resignations of employees and unpredictable initiatives of the new owner Elon Muskin Italy the fear of a disappearance of the social network of chirps sends the San Remo Festival. In fact, there are thousands of fans of the Festival who publish tweets worried that live comments on Sanremo could lose their platform of choice. “Someone tell Elon Musk that he can’t close twitter before the week of Sanremo. We have priorities here,” writes a user, hooking up to the hashtag #riptwitter that has been all the rage in the States for a few hours. “But what does it mean that Twitter could close? Where do I comment on Sanremo? Where do I complain? Elon Musk you have the people of twitter against, sleep with one eye open”, writes another. And again: “Are we about to abandon ship? See you on Instagram? Do we have a plan B? But above all, where do we comment on Sanremo ?!”

Someone goes as far as insulting: “Elon you don’t even like me but if you take Twitter away from us before Sanremo you’re really stron ..”.