Sanremo 2023, exposed for obscene acts against Fedez and Rosa Chemical

Pro Vita & Famiglia: “They mimicked sexual intercourse with relative orgasm on live television”

The sexual act mimicked on the final evening of Sanremo 2023 by Fedez and Rosa Chemical risks ending up in court. A complaint for obscene acts in a public place was in fact presented by Pro Vita & Famiglia at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sanremo.

On the final evening of the Festival, last February 11, the two singers were the protagonists of a kiss on the stage of the Ariston Theater, and “they mimicked sexual intercourse with relative orgasm on live television”. It is a behavior of unprecedented gravity, which has led to a wave of general indignation at the shame, discomfort and revulsion caused by the vulgarity of behavior concerning the sexual sphere”, reads a joint note signed by Jacopo Coghe, spokesman for Pro Vita & Famiglia, Carlo Giovanardi, former minister with responsibility for the Family, and the lawyer Valerio Cianciulli “father of two minor children”.The complaint came in the wake of a popular petition from the non-profit organization which raised over 37 thousand signatures.