Sanremo 2023, Ferragni on stage with the manifesto dress: “Think free”

“We felt the need to bring a social message to the most popular stage in Italy”

“When we started thinking about the clothes for the two evenings in Sanremo we immediately understood that we didn’t want clothes just because they were eccentric or pretentiously beautiful, but we felt the need to bring a social message to the most popular stage in Italy, also through fashion” . The statement dress that marks Chiara Ferragni’s debut on the stage of the Ariston Theater is the result of a conversation between Chiara Ferragni, Fabio Damato, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Artistic Director of Dior, Rachele Regini and Fulvia Carnevale, of the artistic duo Claire Fontaine. The result is a black silk corolla dress inspired by the Dior tradition and completed by the stole-poster with the slogan “Think free” embroidered on it.

“The simple yet strong words come from a work by Claire Fontaine that we hope will inspire all women to feel free to step out of the role imposed on them by society. An awareness of Chiara Ferragni herself who struggles not to being pigeonholed in a space identified for her by the patriarchy, and also a promise that she makes to herself every day as she struggles not to feel guilty about her success as a woman. “Pensati libera” is dedicated to all women who want to simply feel like themselves without being judged”, say the creators. The dress is the brainchild of Chiara Ferragni and Fabio Maria Damato. Custom made dress by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior.