Sanremo 2023, Ferragni prepares with a survival ‘kit’ and propitiatory rite

The entrepreneur and influencer should arrive on the Riviera on Thursday, in time for Friday’s rehearsals: “I’m a little tense,” she confesses to her husband who takes her back on Instagram.

A survival kit received as a gift from the closest friends, in a farewell dinner before departure for Sanremo 2023, and a propitiatory rite with her husband Fedez. Clare Ferragni he is preparing to reach the Riviera dei Fiori, probably on Thursday, in time for the rehearsals at the Ariston which should start on Friday. But not even the entrepreneur and influencer with 28.5 million followers (only on Instagram) is immune from the excitement of the Ariston stage. Chiara posted the photos on Instagram stories in which she does not hold back her emotion during a dinner she had on Monday with her closest friends who gave her a “Sanremo survival kit”. Today, however, Fedez resumed her at home in Milan, always on her Instagram, as he asked her: “Are you tense love?”. “A little”, Chiara’s answer, who didn’t hide a certain apprehension in her expression. “You will smash everything”, was the encouragement of Fedez who then proposed to exchange a ‘secret five’ to the cry of Sanremo.

On the Riviera, Ferragni will stay with her staff in a villa in the hills. Following her there will probably also be the crew that is shooting the highly anticipated second season of ‘The Ferragnez’. Fedez is also expected in Sanremo in the triple role of host of a special of ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ broadcast on Rai2 for the whole week of the festival, of guest of the festival connected by the Costa Smeralda ship and of guest of the performance of the Article 31 at the Theater Ariston on Friday evening dedicated to covers, in which they chose to bring a medley of the same Article 31. It is probable then that Fedez will be in the front row in the two evenings of the festival co-hosted by his wife, the first, Tuesday 7 February and the last, Saturday 11 February. But those who know them well tell Adnkronos that they will probably stay in two different locations to better concentrate on their respective commitments.