Sanremo 2023, Ferragni’s monologue dedicated to herself and to women

Emotion of the influencer on the Ariston stage

Letter-monologue on stage by San Remo 2023 for Chiara Ferragni, wrapped in a dress literally inspired by her body. The message read by the influencer is dedicated to herself, the “little girl”, the “little Chiara” of the past who “maybe I miss” but who she finally feels like “I like myself”. “I’ve always tried to make you proud, everything I do I do for you, for the little girl I was,” says Ferragni, who tells of the times she didn’t feel adequate: “But I would like to tell you that you are enough, you are always been,” she continues, moving on stage. “Only by risking can you truly win against the insecurities in your head. We all have fragile writing on our skin”, he goes on, telling of his “beautiful children” and of “Faith”, “true love” of which, however, he does not want to anticipate anything to the little self. “Will it be easy to be a parent? Never”, she asks and the influencer replies, confessing the sense of guilt in staying away from them, “even just to go to work”. Then the advice: “Always celebrate the successes, the big ones but also the small ones that no one sees. Never belittle yourself in front of others. As a woman you will have to face many battles”, she says again, speaking of messages and comments from “normalized sexism”. “Always fight, even with your friends. I’m trying, even now”, she says, still in tears, concluding: “Little Chiara, I’m proud of you”.