Sanremo 2023, Festival doctor: “Madame case? Society mirror stage”

At Adnkronos Salute Giorgio Ardizzone, director of the emergency-acceptance department of the ASL 1 in Liguria

I think a singer is no different from many other people who make up our society” This is how Giorgio Ardizzone, director of the emergency-acceptance department of ASL 1 in Liguria, doctor of the Sanremo Festival, replies to Adnkronos Salute to explain his vision on a case that has caused much discussion in recent days: that of singer Madame’s lack of anti-Covid vaccinationwhich ended up in an investigation into fake Green Pass certificates.

The specialist – who worked together with the director of 118 Simone Carlini, and the director of the emergency room Giancarlo Abregal, of the health plan for the most important singing festival in Italy, a plan shared with the health manager of Rai, Antonio Maruccia – regarding to Madame, points out that the Sanremo stage is a bit the mirror of society. “Even some of our colleagues”, doctors and health workers, “did not want to get vaccinated – he observes – It’s not that it’s a problem that we can tie to the type of work one does. Unfortunately, there are doctors who have not been vaccinated, there will be managers who have not been vaccinated, and in the same way there are also singers who have not been vaccinated”.

Of course, he specifies, “the possible act of altering reality is another matter, in the sense that then it would be more correct to support one’s idea, one’s beliefs and certainly not get to falsify documents. This is another matter, which should never be done. Then, if a person does not want to get vaccinated, he will face what will happen, he may be lucky or not. But, precisely, those are his own convictions “.