Sanremo 2023, Fiorello and Amadeus ‘duet’ on co-host clues

It had to be a simple greeting, just like it is done between two friends. And instead Fiore has not missed an opportunity to ‘steal’ important clues from the artistic director

A co-host of San Remo 2023 “is a sp…”, the other “starts with C…”. That of Amadeus it was supposed to be a simple greeting, just like it is done between two friends, while Fiorello, equipped with a cell phone, did not miss the opportunity to ‘steal’ from the artistic director of the Festival two other important clues on the names of the co-hosts who are still missing and who will soon be made official live on Tg1 (probably by weekend). Fiorello showed the fun curtain with Amadeus, during the live Instagram of ‘Good morning from Viva Rai2’ with which he accompanied this week the wait for the return of the morning show on Rai2, Monday 16 January.

The clue as to the name of the third woman who will be at the Ariston has already begun in recent days, precisely during a direct Instagram by Fiorello in which the showman had let it slip that one of the two co-hosts still missing was “a Sp…”. In a game of blow and answer between the two friends Amadeus explained: “she could be a sportswoman, or married or Spanish”. Precisely this last “Spanish” clue seems to arouse greater curiosity. Before leaving, Amadeus then gave a hint about the fourth missing name: “The other woman begins with C ….”.

Meanwhile, today’s episode closes the social window of Il Buongiorno, seen on VivaRai2. Fiorello and all the merry brigade are back after the Christmas break with VivaRai2, from Monday 16 January at 7.15 on Rai2.