Sanremo 2023, Fiorello ‘reveals’ Zelensky letter: “I will free you from Amadeus”

In the morning episode of Viva Rai2

Fiorello ‘unveils’ Zelensky’s letter to Sanremo 2023 in the morning episode of Viva Rai2: a letter in which the Ukrainian president invokes peace and promises the Italian people to free them from the “dangerous” conductor and artistic director of the festival. “I thank you for the support that the Italian government and people are giving to the peace process, despite the very serious problems afflicting your country”. And he continues: “For our part, we promise you, when all this is over, to reciprocate your help, and help you free yourself from this dangerous subject who has held you prisoner for 4 years now and hasn’t let you sleep: Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani who I believe be known to you by the name of Amadeus. Thank you Italian people”, reads Fiorello.

Who soon connects with Fedez (which today will debut at 18.40 on Rai2 for the specials from the ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ festival): “Yesterday my wife wanted to see me but not because she missed me but to make me a list of things I must not do ”. First, no spoilers. “I can only say that she will be wearing a very particular dress. I can’t say more otherwise you’ll divorce me, Fiorello,” said the rapper.

The ending of the episode is for a kidnapping of Fiorello by singers and actors (Negramaro and Valerio Mastandrea, among others) who respond to orders from Amadeus. “Bring it to me in Sanremo”, is the diktat of the artistic director of the Festival. “To be continued”, the episode ends. But Fiorello’s kidnapping seems to give credit to the rumors of Fiorello’s possible arrival at the Ariston for the final of the festival. The showman, in fact, from tonight until Friday will be engaged in the specials of ‘Viva Rai2… Viva Sanremo! Di Notte’, broadcast on Rai1 after the festival. But on Saturday the program will not be broadcast either in the morning or at night.