Sanremo 2023, from Damiano David to Riccardo Zanotti, all the authors of the songs

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From 7 to 11 February will take place on Sanremo Music Festival 2023 with many competing singers and special guests who will enliven the various evenings. Amadeus will do the honors as host of the event in the company of journalist Francesca Fagnani, Chiara Ferragni, Gianni Morandi, Paola Enogu and Chiara Francini who will take turns on the Ariston stage. THE there are 28 tracks in the competition and the music will be the protagonist, but let’s see in detail who they are songwriters that we will listen to during the days of the Sanremo Festival.

The “stellar” authors of Sanremo 2023

Sonor many professionals who this year sign the songs competing in Sanremo. Sea of ​​Troubles of Aries or Splash di Colapesce and Dimartino are written by the singers themselves as songwriters. Ariete wrote her song with Calcutta, while Anna Oxa’s song is the work of Francesco Bianconi of Baustelle. Leo Gassman appears on the Ariston stage with a song signed by Riccardo Zanotti of Nuclear Tactical Penguins and Damiano David of Maneskin wrote the song Two thousand minutes by Mara Sattei.

Complete list of the authors of the songs of Sanremo 2023

The authors of Sanremo 2023 count several artists, more or less known to the general public. Below we offer thecomplete list of singers And of those who brought their songs to life which we will listen to from 7 to 11 February.

  • Anna Oxa – Salts (F. Bianconi, A. Hoxha aka Anna Oxa, G. Rinaldi aka Kaballà, F. Zanotti)
  • ram – Sea of ​​trouble (A. Del Ghiaccio aka Ariete, E. D’Erme aka Calcutta, D. Faini aka Dardust, V. Centrella)
  • Article 31 – A nice trip (D. Silvestri, A. Colangelo, A. Aleotti aka J-Ax, LP Aleotti aka Grido, F. Abbate, W. Perrini, V. Perrini)
  • Colapesce Dimartino – Splash (L. Urciullo aka Colapesce, A. Di Martino aka Dimartino)
  • Glue Uncle – I do not feel like (T. Manzoni, A. Malatesta. FU Lamperti, T. Bernasconi, A. Arminio, G. Pesenti)
  • Coma_Things – The farewell (F. Zanardelli aka Fausto Lama and F. Mesiano aka California)
  • Countryside cousins ​​- Letter 22 (V. Lucchesi and D. Mangiaracina of The Representative of List)
  • Elodies – Two (F. Abbate, J. Ettorre, F. Catitti)
  • Gianluca Grignani – When you’re out of breath (G. Grignani, E. Melozzi)
  • GIANMARIA – Monster (G. Volpato, A. Filippelli, G. Manilardi, V. Centrella, V. Petrozzino)
  • George – Bad words (A. Bianco, M. Dagani aka Big Fish, F. Roccati, G. Fracchiola)
  • Lazza – Ash (D. Petrella, J. Lazzarini aka Lazza, D. Faini aka Dardust)
  • LDA – If then tomorrow (L. D’Alessio aka LDA)
  • Leo Gassman – Third heart (R. Zanotti, L. Gassmann, M. Paganelli, G. Pesenti)
  • Levant – I live (C. Lagona in Eastern art)
  • Madame – The good in the bad (N. Biasin aka Bias, I. Sinigaglia aka Brail and F. Calearo aka Madame)
  • Mara Sattei – Two thousand minutes (D. David)
  • Marco Mengoni – Two lives (D. Petrella, M. Mengoni, D. Simonetta)
  • fashion – leave me (F. Silvestre, E. Palmosi)
  • Olly – Dust (F. Olivieri aka Olly, E. Lovito, J. Boveroo)
  • Paola & Chiara – Fury (P. Iezzi, C. Iezzi, A. La Cava, F. and G. Cremona of Merk & Kremont, L. Grillotti, E. Maimone, J. Ettorre)
  • Mr Rain – Super heroes (M. Balardi aka Mr. Rain, L. Vizzini)
  • Pink Chemical – Made in Italy (MF Rocati aka Rosa Chemical, P. Antonacci, D. Simonetta, O. Inglese)
  • Sethu – Lost causes (M. De Lauri aka Sethu)
  • Shari – Selfish (I.Feudi, S. Borioso aka Shari, M. Pisciottu aka Salmo, R. Puddu)
  • Tananai – Tango (P. Antonacci, D. Simonetta, A. Cotta Ramusino aka Tananai, A. Raina)
  • Last – Sunrise (N. Moriconi aka Last)
  • Will – Stupid (W. Busetti aka Will, S. Cremonini, A. Pugliese)