Sanremo 2023, from Osho to Rita Pavone on Casa Sanremo TV ‘Di Bocca in Bocca’ is staged

The program written by Riccardo Bocca and Anna Bisogno

‘Di Bocca in Bocca’, dedicated to the 73rd edition of the Flower Festival, is staged on Casa Sanremo TV. An hour of pungent comments and analyzes of the evenings of the 73rd Italian Song Festival with the participation of guests from the world of journalism and entertainment: among these Dario Salvatori, Rita Pavone,
Federico Palmaroli ‘Osho’Enrica Bonaccorti, Veronica Maya, Beatrice Dondi, Frank Simon, the Nuzzo-Di Biase duo, Marco Celada, Vince Tempera and Anna Maria Petolicchio and many other protagonists of the Festival who will surprisingly intervene in the studio set up at the Palafiori. All with the irreverent management of Riccardo Bocca.

The program is written by Bocca himself with Anna Bisogno, professor of television at the Mercatorum University, who will also be a permanent presence in the talk, and Roberta Maggio, an expert in communication, directed by Marco Fiata. Casa Sanremo TV is the digital TV created by Gruppo Eventi, it can be downloaded on all devices and usable from all smart TVs and will offer a series of contents related to the week of Sanremo and the activities of the Casa. Digital TV will also have a schedule that will offer talks and entertainment throughout the year.