Sanremo 2023, Giorgia disqualified? Fiorello’s gag with the collaboration of Amadeus

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Just under two months to go San Remo 2023 but Fiorello knows how to make the wait for the very popular singing festival electrifying. TO Long live Rai2 the showman and radio showman made us listen few seconds of the song with which it will compete Giorgia causing itin fact, the elimination, according to the competition regulations. Immediate response from Amadeus that he would have called live to reprimand his friend and presenter but, apparently, the two were accomplices from the beginning: theirs was a very successful gag.

Fiorello broadcasts a few seconds of Giorgia’s song

There is excitement and anxiety for Sanremo 2023, Fiorello knows it well, who joked, this time, about one of the most debated points of the regulation of the event: the prohibition to play the songs in the competition before the start of the competition.
The songs must remain unpublished but Fiorello affirms that the regulation allows the diffusion of the song as long as the listening remains within the space of a few seconds.

The artistic director doesn’t think so Amadeusalso among the listeners of the episode, which he considered necessary intervene directly with a phone call in which he communicated to Fiorello that his behavior would have caused the elimination of the Roman singer.
“I’m forced to disqualify Giorgia, now you take responsibility for telling her,” said Amadeus, throwing Fiorello and his fellow students, Biggio and Casciari into panic.

Amadeus’ reaction

Amadeus has scolded the friend astounded, moreover, at the seriousness of his behavior. In recent years, voluntarily or involuntarily listening to even a few seconds of a song destined for Sanremo before the start of the race has brought trouble to the participants: Fedezfor example, has risked disqualification.

Amadeus, very serious, was the perfect accomplice in Fiorello’s gag which also involved Giorgia, who (apparently) was aware of the joke. Unaware of those present in the studio and, of course, all listeners of the radio show that has scored another hit.
Even if he will not be actively involved in Sanremo 2023, Fiorello will certainly be one of the protagonists of the week in which the Ligurian event will take place and his fans are already waiting for his comments from his radio station.