Sanremo 2023, here are the 6 promoted Big Youths and the titles of the February competition

Gianmaria first classified in the Youth contest. Mara Sattei competing in February with ‘Two thousand minutes’ written by Damiano David of the Maneskin

Gianmaria with ‘The city you hate’ is the winner of Sanremo Youth. With him, they win a place in the Sanremo 2023 race in February Shari, the Colla Zios, Sethu, Will and Olly. The other half of the 12 competitors of Sanremo Giovani (Giuse The Lizia, Maninni, Noor, Fiat 131, Romeo & Drill, Mida) instead finished their race this evening.

In the final, live on Rai1 from the Sanremo casino theater, which began with Amadeus and the co-host of the 2023 festival Gianni Morandi on stage for a memory of Sinisa Mihajlovic, everyone also paraded the Big 22 already announced in the tender on December 4th to reveal the name of the piece that each one will bring to the Ariston Theater in February. Last this time he was the first to announce the name of the song: ‘Alba’. After him, Tananai, who finished last at the 2022 Festival but with a song, ‘ Occasional sex ‘, which then had great success: in the competition at the 2023 festival he will sing ‘ Tango ‘. Followed by Madame with ‘Good in evil’, Giorgia with ‘Words said evil’, Mr. Rain with ‘Superheroes’, Elodie with ‘Two’, Gianluca Grignani with ‘When you miss your breath’, Marco Mengoni with ‘Two lives’ , Anna Oxa with ‘Sali (song of the soul)’, Lazza with ‘Cenere’, Mara Sattei with ‘Two thousand minutes’ (written by Damiano David of Maneskin), the Modà with ‘Lasciami’, Paola & Chiara with ‘Furore’, Colapesce Dimartino with ‘Splash’, Leo Gassmann with ‘Third heart’, Article 31 with ‘Un bel viaggio’, Ariete with ‘Sea of ​​trouble’, the Cugini di Campagna with ‘Lettera 22’ (written by The Representative of List), Levante with ‘Vivo’, Coma Cose with ‘L’addio’, Lda with ‘Se poi domani’ and Rosa Chemical with ‘Made in Italy’. To these are added the new songs that the 6 artists promoted by Giovani ai Big will sing at the Ariston in February: Gianmaria will bring ‘Mostro’, Shari ‘Egoista’, Sethu ‘Cause perse’, Will ‘Stupido’, Colla Zio ‘Non I like’ and Olly ‘Dust’.