Sanremo 2023, Lazza: “My Ash with the Orchestra is a punch in the stomach”

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From the planet Sirius to the Ariston! Lazza is in the race in the 73rd San Remo Festival with the song Ash (Island Records), written by Jacopo Lazzarini, Davide Petrella. Music by Lazzarini, Petrella, Dario Faini. Produced by Dardust. For cover night Lazza he chose Emma and the concertmaster of La Scala in Milan Laura Marzadori: together they will sing The end.

In the meantime, Jacopo, what convinced you to go to the Sanremo Festival and what do you expect after the first rehearsals with the orchestra?

There’s no reason, I love to get involved, always push the limits, I’ve built important stages and now I’ll make one more, the most important. With the Orchestra we did a tailor’s job. I heard it in Rome for the first time and it was like a punch in the stomach, I was moved.
The choice of Ash was it targeted?

I had 2, 3 pieces that could be optioned for a possible plan B. I wasn’t present at the initial listening which, by the way, didn’t yet have the piece in its definitive version. But I know that someone fell off the chair.
The incipit made me think of those stations lost in the desert where you look for sounds from other planets: together with Dardust you had a great trip: you found Sirius? The star that can shine on its own!

I refer to the imagery of Moby. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I also tell you that the original sample of the voice was not that.
I consider Ash a song of indifference, today it is easier to hate than to make love: how much does this situation frighten you?

I put it into account, they feel all colors.
Are you nostalgic for when you were at the park, as you tell in Alibi?

I miss that happiness and those benches. When it happens again, I don’t run away…indeed, I recently found myself in a bar where a surreal situation arose. I said I wouldn’t take pictures or selfies but I would rap and a jam was born.

Are you always afraid that the night will bring you wrong advice and therefore you sleep less and less? In the case of Sanremo it is an excellent solution!

I sleep very little since this has become a job. You lie down and it’s just you…I think about how to overcome myself, about the cons that can happen to me after a year of only pros.
THE masterpieces of cinema with an ending to forget Am I a mirror of your generation?

It is a situation also due to those who are older than us. Once I was attacked by a journalist who makes TV and who told me that one of my videos praised suicide, the exploitation of women when they were paid to participate and would come for free. They were just scantily clad. I’ve studied, I know what I’m saying, I document myself and if you treat me like an ignoramus, I react but someone gets demotivated instead.
I speak and no one seems to understand…after the numbers of Sirius I’d say that the question is over: are you aware of it and do you feel responsible?

The accountability is there and the failure rate is almost zero. I’m not sure everyone understood my message, I don’t have easy writing.
You would like me lost in love I think that when I was in love I lost: this is obviously an extrapolated sentence but I noticed that today we tend to sing the end of a love more than its birth: why?

A relationship without focus is a distraction. And then there are those who feel neglected.
If you were to win Sanremo would you stay at the Bulgari to celebrate or would you go to Porto Cervo?

Neither, I’m going to a new place, I already know them.
Could your knowing how to speak backwards be the trump card of FantaSanremo?

You’re right, it’s a card I can play, maybe they’ll come and tell me: you rocked!
Would you duet with Mickey and Mallory on cover night?

No. It’s the worst thing, they are two murderers. Never be.
In addition to the tour that will start in April, what will happen after Sanremo?

I’m working on the new album, I already have about twenty auditions but I want to go to the United States to finish. Or to start over.