Sanremo 2023, LDA: “My music is born at night and it makes me feel good”

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A romantic song written in a moment of indecision. An almost Hungarian asceticism to introduce you If then Tomorrowthe song which LDA takes part in the Sanremo Festival 2023. The young Neapolitan artist Luca D’Alessio faces the Ariston by telling a little about himself. With courage and poetry. Then on Friday 10 February, during the evening dedicated to covers, he will perform with Alex Britti: together they will perform Today it’s me.

Luca, let’s start with the decision to participate in the Festival: when and how did it mature? On the choice of If Then Tomorrow did you decide or did you also have other suitable songs?

The idea of ​​trying the Ariston was born when the song was born. I have to try this one, I told myself. It went well, I felt it was too right for that stage.
Does being the only Neapolitan artist in the competition excite you and make you responsible?

Not only the only one but also the smallest. I feel it all right but I’m happy to participate, it’s an honor. I want to have fun like a kid on a ride.
In If Then Tomorrow tell the uncertain love of this era, with the sense of presence / absence: you will come to me if you come to me. Is it difficult today to write about love in the time of social media?

It’s a strange feeling, it may seem difficult but it’s easier because we can see everything about everyone constantly. However, it must be said that too much knowledge makes jealousy stronger. Today, first you have to ask for friendship, then you go out with someone, before you went out and perhaps friendship arrived: this reversal of contexts makes me think a lot. Then you’re right they missed that poetry and magic.
If you give me a second, I’ll just say that deep down I love you: Is it that hard to pronounce as a word?

It depends from person to person, it’s difficult for me because I weigh the words and if I say it it’s because I feel it. It bothers me who uses it as a hello. But even a hug must be felt before giving it.
Why Today I am Me on cover night?

It’s a masterpiece. It is an autobiographical story of Alex who never introduced himself to the woman at the bar: he is shy and insecure and I see myself in him. It’s a real song. I care a lot about the text and I inform myself on what I listen to.
One of the strong themes of What’s Good it is the desire to let go, to live more in the moment: what does your generation feel held back by?

We want to be heard. Even my grandfather thought that the kids of the time weren’t geniuses, then he was proven wrong because they did so many important things. Life is a cycle, it’s the Ferris wheel that always stops on the ground. Give us a chance we deserve, let us demonstrate what we can do.

I think about Staywhich is from 2017, which was a surrender in love (tell me what you want so much I know that I will give it to you): today you are more fatalistic and less compliant, aren’t you?

A little bit of who I was in 2017 is still in me, but I’ve grown and matured. Growing up you see new nuances, before you only saw movies, at the time I was 14 and you experience love as in cartoons. But I assure you that the dreamer Luca is always there.
A recurring theme of your lyrics is darkness. The night comes back often. Is this your comfort zone or is it time to challenge your demons?

I write a lot at night, it relaxes me. I write about what I live for which it appears, it is a recurring presence. At 50 I will want to hear those songs again to relive certain moments of my youth and comment on them with my son or younger brother.
Text me when you can’t talk: Does this happen to you often?

Now less. Opening up scared me before. Now I have no problem telling even a burning truth.
Your first album was released in May 2022, now your second… even in this you are going against the trend: you tend to sip albums, instead you multiply them: where does this creative urge come from?

The title, What does Good, is the synthesis of everything: music makes me feel good, it makes me smile, even in the saddest songs it makes me smile. It’s an incredible outlet, it’s my most serious toy.
Did you ask dad Gigi for advice?

He gave me no advice. However, as a professional father he told me: have fun and enjoy what you have, on stage you can go out of tune or miss a verb in an interview but have fun and don’t think about the rankings.
Besides the three concerts announced in April, what will happen in the coming weeks?

Concerts, instore, the record and some remixes. The agenda is full. Then I cut out some time for myself: I’m engaged and I have friends I want to share time with.