Sanremo 2023, Leo Gassmann: “I left Ariston as a teenager, I’m going back as an adult”

In the album to be released on February 24, a duet with Edoardo Bennato and a song dedicated to Lucio Dalla

“I’m preparing a lot from a technical point of view, every day I work with my vocal coach on every little detail for a great performance. I will definitely take this stage with one different awareness. I left him as a teenager and I find him again as a boy who entered the world of adults”. Leo Gassman he told Adnkronos a few days after his debut among the 28 big names of the Sanremo Festival 2023, where he will take the stage bringing the song ‘Terzo Cuore’, the text of which was written with the leader of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Riccardo Zanotti. After winning among the New Proposals three years ago, there are now many emotions. “It’s a wonderful opportunity, a great opportunity to declare what I’ve become in these three years,” he says.

Years of “creative research, meanwhile I graduatedand I consider this my first album because on an artistic level it is a great demonstration of the work I’ve done”. The piece, written and produced by Leo Gassmann, Marco Paganelli, Giorgio Pesenti, Riccardo Zanotti, “was born following a beautiful friendship between me and Riccardo (Zanotti, the frontman of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins, ed), we met in a hotel, it was a magical encounter”. The piece is included in ‘The road to Agartha’ (available on all platforms digital releases February 24), a concept album that Gassmann calls “heartfelt”.

Among the songs, ‘Caro Lucio’ stands out for its originality and poetry, a response after decades to the letter that Lucio Dalla wrote to his famous ‘friend’ in ‘L’anno chevenire’. “Dear Lucio is a song that was born from the belly -explains Leo- For me it was a complicated moment emotionally speaking. I had won the new proposals, the pandemic arrived, I was slapped with emotions, fell into anguish for the future and as always when I suffer I take refuge in music”.

“I grew up on ‘pane e Lucio’, and I realized listening to the ‘Anno chevenire’ that no one had ever answered him to the letter and it seemed rude to me -says the artist- It seemed to me then very topical and responsive to the present It’s a sincere song.” Also among the songs on the album a duet with Edoardo Bennato, ‘I wish that for you’, to which a deep bond unites him. “Edward I think so a second father figure, I feel it almost more than my mother – Gassmann says – I love listening to him, he tells me incredible anecdotes that enrich both my person and my music. I grew up with his albums, car trips with mom to visit mom on set were led by his music. There is a beautiful understanding between me and him. The song is a beautiful song because we go back to talking about climate change, to which both he and I are very close”.

Music is important for Leo Gassmann, “it’s part of my life but I would always like to see it as a passion and not as a job”, he explains. 24 years old and very clear ideas. “I recently took a scholarship in Boston, in songwriting and vocals and I won’t deny you that whatever turn the festival takes, my vocation is to be an ever-evolving human being”. And as for working with the father, it is not excluded but it is premature: “I’d like to do something with dadto tell my children ‘this was your grandfather’, but it’s not the right time”. And to be an actor? “I’ve been studying acting for a year, but for now only to get to know myself, then we’ll see”. The future it has many streets, and full of light.

(by Ilaria Floris)