Sanremo 2023, Mara Sattei: “At the Ariston against violence, I open a new chapter”

The artist is competing with the song ‘Duemilaminuti’, written for her by Damian David of Maneskin. A strong song, which speaks of a toxic love.

I am very happy to be in Sanremo. And even more to be there with a song that deals with such a strong theme. It’s a new chapter for me.” Mara Satteiborn Sara Mattei, made her debut at the age of 27 competing in Sanremo 2023 with the song ‘Duemilaminuti’, written for her by Damian David of Maneskin and composed by Damiano with Sara’s brother, Davide Mattei (the famous Thasup or Tha Supreme) and with Enrico Brun. A strong song, which speaks of a toxic love and a woman who was in love with her executioner. “An unfortunately very topical theme – says the artist – couple relationships marked by violence, even psychological, which is often difficult to recognize. I am happy to arrive in Sanremo with this passage, to be able to tell this text too, where there is a woman who awakens and realizes that what she has experienced is a house of cards, which crumbles into awareness “.

On the genesis of the songhe says: “It all started with Damiano, who wanted me to listen to the song he had written, saying that he found it very suitable for me, even for my vocality. So we met in the studio and I immediately loved it. We did a nice journey together, also very fun. Then my brother also took over. With Damiano we worked to put emphasis on some precise points of the text, given the theme”, he underlines.

For Mara Sattei 2022 was theyear of consecration: “A year full of many things that made me grow: the first album ‘Universo’, the first tour, the song ‘La dolce vita’ with Fedez and Tananai, which was very different from my past discography and which gave me many satisfactions. A very formative year from an artistic point of view. So I felt ready to make my debut in Sanremo: a new path and new music start from the Ariston Theater”.

dell’festival debut, says: “I try not to think too much about the emotional reflection, I’m focusing on the preparation. My first time with the orchestra was one thing I will never forget: I was shivering”. On the evening of the covers, Mara Sattei (by now we can say after unofficial and official spoilers) will perform with Noemi. However, the song cannot be said yet: “I can only say that it is an evergreen of Italian discography. On which, with Noemi, we will put our worlds together”.

He admits that his relationship with Sanremo has a long history, despite his young age: “I have always looked at him, since I was a child, with my parents, at home. Then as I grew up, I followed him at times. But with the imprint given by Amadeus, all my generation has once again looked at the festival as a fundamental stage. Amadeus has also opened its doors to the younger and more experimental part of today’s music and this has meant that the festival has taken hold even among the youngest. And not just in Italy. Since the international success of the Maneskin started from the Ariston”.

As for the indelible memories related to the festival, Mara mentions two moments: “The first memory of Sanremo, I was 5 years old, is that of Gerardina Trovato with ‘Gechi and Vampires’. I went on a heavy loop, whole days in front of the radio waiting for that song: my parents couldn’t take it anymore” , he laughs. “Another song that marked me, also in my relationship with music, was ‘I’ll give you a rose’ by Simone Cristicchi. Not only because it was a song with an important theme like that of mental health but because he brought it on stage with a very personal and original approach to rap,” he adds.

Of the colleagues he will find in the competition this year he says: “Giorgia intrigues me, even as a fan, because I grew up with her. But I have to say that I’m also curious about all the others. The festival is also beautiful for this, it is an artistic crossroads. I like the idea of ​​all being together for all these days, exchanging experiences. “The FantaSanriamo?” Surely it’s also a way to ease tensions and think of something lighter and more fun, “he concludes.

The single from the festival is not part of an album for now, but there is new music in the pipeline: “I’m working on a lot of new music, with new sounds. So surely this 2023 will bring other news”.