Sanremo 2023, Olly: “I bring positivity and my story is in the Dust of the song”

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Olly is among the Big in the competition at the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival with the unpublished Dust (Aleph Records – Epic Records Italy/Sony Music). The song confirms the very personal style of the young Genoese artist, characterized by the contrast between the uptempo in straight bass drum and the songwriting story.

Federico let’s start with the choice Dust for the Ariston: why this piece and what is musically different from The Soul Dancesin which you quote yourself and has a strong motivational value?

All my music develops a desire for personal redemption after a phase of sadness that is sometimes even unjustified. I bring my vibe, I bring positivity and energy but not an end in themselves. The sound is strong fast, straight kick like my music these days. I underline the difference between the sound of the piece and the intimacy of the text.
What does the Sanremo Festival represent for a Genoese? Did your heart stop in your throat during rehearsals?

Yes but I thought more, coming from the Youth it should be scary but when I have to be on track it’s like I don’t think anymore. I turned fear into positivity and at the Ariston I got there by working on it. We Genoese look just outside Genoa, Sanremo is the first time ever that I go there.
As long as the soul dances don’t be afraid: I would like to know if the soul dances as the Festival approaches and if there is something that scares you.

He dances badly but also trembles which are different sensations. Fear must be there, not having it is a cliché. The message: you pedaled with your head down, now raise your head.
Neither The first love you say I don’t know where to start, you know I’m shy: are you really shy?

I’m basically shy. When I perform, however, shyness moves away and I show the living part of me.
Is it difficult to write love songs in the season of social media, when so much of the mystery that is love is made public right on social media?

I almost never write about real people. Many already know so much about me. It happens in moments, writing is used to talk about me and what I think, it’s a means.
Let me die it seems like a training piece, do you mention Piaggio, do you remember school… why do we tend today to sing more about the love that ends than the one that is born? I quote for all yours Another time.

The started love is ephemeral and you don’t want to tell it, you have to be very skilled or you become trivial. Love that ends lights up reflections because it has a thousand shades.
Is there still dust on the box or did you blow it off a bit?

The answer is open. I like that there is, it makes me who I am.
From above a shelf across the sea what do you see today?

I have yet to figure it out. That is already a beautiful image, I miss the sea so much since I live in Milan.
In the management of feelings today you are serene to the point of affirming until the heart will not get wet?

I do not know. There I say let’s go out if it rains but I’m hidden in a box and my heart gets wet, which is the most intimate part of us, gets soaked. I have several unreleased songs, and that probably will never come out, which have served me to reflect.
Taking up the concept of I have a friendwho will you take with you to Sanremo?

I am lucky enough to work with a group of friends and they will be there. There will be writing on the guitar or memorabilia in the room to tell who is not physically there but I feel present. The Festival is an important turning point, not a goal because it would be uninspiring given my age, but it is a fundamental element.
Listening again, in addition to I have a friend, I sing to the moon And Love Goes I perceive a sense of personal disquiet: is it so?
The world turns, I’m an eternal dissatisfied. It takes me a long time to decide and when I decide I start to think that the other solution, the rejected one, was better. In music, on the other hand, I’m very assertive and I like it to be noticed. It takes me to the top.
Faith take your time that the road is long: where the Festival, what direction will it take? In addition to the two concerts already announced, I mean.

I would like to live a lot in terms of music; dates are new experiences and renewed energy. Then in a few months we’ll see you again for the news.