Sanremo 2023, pacifist leaders: “Anarchist scarecrow will not stop us”

“We hope that the groups will arrive in the city from Tuesday, to occupy every corner peacefully”

“They come to us from many places, through social networks, videos and chats, reports according to which several bus companies that are organizing the transfer to Sanremo for the pacifist demonstration scheduled for Saturday they received ‘warnings’ not to travel to the city to demonstrate peacefully, due to the danger of violent actions and infiltration by anarchists. If this is confirmed it is unacceptable, can’t be seen shaking the bogeyman of anarchists when it is others who lead us to the slaughterhouse in a festival dance”. Diego Costacurtaleader of Pecora Nera and Imperia provincial representative of the National Liberation Committee (Cln), who leads the pacifist demonstration scheduled for Saturday 11 February against the presence of Zelensky at the festival.

“If this is confirmed – Costacurta articulates – we hope that all pacifist groups come to the city by other means starting on Tuesday (first day of the Sanremo song festival), in order to peacefully occupy every corner to protect the spaces of peace until the end of the event”.

Finally, the leader of Pecora Nera underlines the need for the state “to protect, in addition to security, also the right to demonstrate”. “Self the prefectures they are aware of this – he adds – they also have a duty to to guarantee free citizens the possibility of being able to express themselves peacefully”.