Sanremo 2023, record-breaking FantaSanremo: almost 170,000 registrations in 24 hours

Last, Mengoni, Giorgia and Elodie at the top of the ‘fantasy quotations’ – Emma Marrone’s League is all the rage

A record-breaking FantaSanremo is expected for Sanremo 2023. The fantasy game linked to the festival obtained almost 170,000 registrations in 24 hours (they opened at 12 on 27 December). To give an idea of ​​the unprecedented boom, in 2022 the total registrations at the beginning of the festival were 500,000 while in 2021 only 50,000. “We obtained more than a third of last year’s total in one day. I believe that this year we will reach 500,000 already at the beginning of the year, then the rhythm of registrations will physiologically decrease to surge again in the last few days, with the latecomers. The result of these hours remains historic, beyond any possible expectation”, underlines to Adnkronos one of the founders of FantaSanremo, Giacomo Piccinini.

Already last year the fantasy game on the festival had exploded thanks also to the active participation of many singers in the competition. A participation that seems destined to recur again this year, given that many of the big names in the race are already interacting with fans on the subject. “Again this year, several competing artists have already posted content related to FantaSanremo, from Mengoni to Levante, from Grignani to Rosa Chemical and many others. Not to mention the fact that Emma Marrone, winner of last year’s FantaSanremo, created one of his leagues called La Gloria Eterna, which had around 3,000 members in a few hours”, adds Piccinini while the hashtag #fantasanremo has been trending on Twitter for three days.

The mechanism of the game remains the same: each player has 100 Baudi at his disposal (the exchange currency could only be named after the dean of conductors from San Mere) to compose his team, choosing five of the singers in the competition and naming one of them captain. Entries will close the night before the start of the festival and from that moment each player will earn or lose points, based on what the artists he has chosen for the team will do on stage.

In conjunction with the opening of registrations, the ‘fantasy quotations’ in Baudi of the 28 Bigs in the race were announced. The quotations are led by Ultimo which ‘costs’ 27 Baudi, followed by Marco Mengoni with a quotation of 26 Baudi, by Giorgia with 25 Baudi and by Elodie with 24 Baudi. They are worth 22 Baudi: Tananai, Lazza, Madame and Paola & Chiara. At an altitude of 21 Baudi are I Cugini di Campagna, Article 31, Ariete, Lda and Mara Sattei. ‘Costano’ 20 Baudi Gianluca Grignani, Colapesce Dimartino, the Coma Cose and Levante. Baudi Mr. Rain and Rosa Chemical follow at 19. Leo Gassmann and the Modà at 18 baudi, Anna Oxa, Gianmaria and Shari at 17 baudi. Bringing up the rear four artists rated 16 Baudi: the Colla Zio, Olly, Sethu and Will.