Sanremo 2023, site unveils a few seconds of Grignani’s competing song

The song is dedicated to the relationship between the singer and his father. Rai sources to Adnkronos: “Stay in the race, anyway”

A few seconds of what seems like a first draft of the song ‘When you’re out of breath‘ with which Gianluca Grignani is competing in Sanremo 2023, ended up on the web. The site mowmag publishes a very short video in which you can hear the incipit of the second verse of the song, which is dedicated to the singer’s relationship with his father: “My father was one of many / but he was my hero when he smiled at me”. In the video the verse continues with the words “I remember this well”, while in the final version that will be presented at the Ariston, before these words there is another sentence (“we still lived together”).

The site claims that the video comes “from a recent Facebook live broadcast by literary critic Gian Paolo Serino”, who allegedly “contributed” to one of the drafts of the piece. Even if the only authors appearing among the credits of the song presented at the Festival are Gianluca Grignani and Enrico Melozzi. In any case, from what can be seen on the site in question, it is unlikely that this spoiler could cause problems for Grignani’s participation in the Festival, given the brevity of the film, the non-coincidence with the song competing at the Ariston and the various precedents of ‘ spoilers’ that have occurred in recent years (among the last, Fedez-Michielin and Gianni Morandi) that have never led to an elimination.

RAI SOURCESGianluca Grignani remains in the race in Sanremo. According to what Adnkronos learns from Rai sources close to the organization of the festival, the spoiler of a very few seconds of a first draft of the song ‘When you miss your breath’, with which the singer is competing in Sanremo, does not affect the direction of the festival the artist’s participation in the festival. The case, therefore, opened and closed in a few hours.