Sanremo 2023, the city ‘explodes’ with people: sold out also in the province – Video

Sold out for the start of the Festival

(from correspondent Ilaria Floris) – Walking through Sanremo, two days before the start of the festival, is no mean feat. In fact, the city is literally packed with people, the restaurants – aided by the sun that kisses the city and by the mild temperatures for now – are already ‘full’ and the hotels and guest houses have already been totally ‘sold out’ for weeks. Via Matteotti, that of the Ariston theater, already has the characteristic glance that it usually offers when the event is in full swing: crowds that throng in front of the theater entrance, onlookers, fans, insiders, passers-by of all kinds.

In short, the feeling of ’emptiness’ of the past two years, marred by the strict rules due to the pandemic, seems like a vague memory. The mayor Alberto Biancheri also confirmed this to Adnkronos: “Yesterday it was very complicated, not to say difficult to pass through via Matteotti – he says – There is a magical atmosphere, we expect a huge turnout, very high from tomorrow”.

And he tells an anecdote that speaks volumes: “I’ve just been in Piazza Bresca (one of the most central squares of the city, ed) and a car passed by with a singer inside. Not even the time to realize and about sixty, seventy young they followed her screaming and cheering as they searched for an autograph. Scenes we hadn’t seen for a long time,” says Biancheri. Which confirms the ‘boom’ data also on the booking front: “From what I understand, the whole province is now sold out”.