Sanremo 2023, the duets spoiled: Fedez-Article 31 and Cuccarini-Olly

According to ‘Il Giornale’ Salmo, Noemi, Ditonellapiaga, Edoardo Bennato and Manuel Agnelli are also arriving for Friday evening at the Ariston. Will Carla Bruni also duet?

While waiting for Amadeus to definitively announce the guests on the evening of the duets, ‘Il Giornale’ spoils several striking names who should take the stage to support the singers in the competition on Friday evening, when the 28 artists will be able to propose covers together with a guest.

“The most striking is that of Fedez who, according to rumors, could be on stage with the Article 31 of J-Ax“, writes Paolo Giordano in the ‘Giornale’. “Then, again according to the rumors circulating these days, there will also Noemi who will sing with Mara Sattei“. “Also Tananai bet on a prestigious name like Don Joe who, after Club Dogo, has consolidated a career as a credible rapper”.

The journalist also reveals that “Gianluca Grignani had planned to sing with Piero Pelù but then everything faded away and now he is looking for another ‘partner’. A nice surprise – he adds – will be Olly and Lorella Cuccarini“. It’s still: Rosa Chemical should be on stage with Rose Villainborn Rosa Luini, born in Milan in 1989, a rapper who married record producer Sixpm in New York in May. “The Colla Zios will be with Ditonellaplaga (last year in competition with Donatella Rettore), the revived Fashion they will perform in a ‘rock wedding’ with Vibrations.

Madame he will most likely perform with Iziborn Diego Germini, and Shari, as in her private life, will have Salmo at her side”. The ‘Giornale’ also hypothesizes Leo Gassmann with Edoardo Bennato, Gianmaria with Manuel Agnelli, Sethu with Bnkr44, Luca D’Alessio (Lda) with Alex Britti. Finally, the article insinuates the doubt that Carla Bruni, whom Adnkronos announced yesterday as arriving at the Ariston, could be the guest of a duet, given that she currently has no albums in promotion. Amadeus’ announcement is expected in the next few days. Only then will the truth be known.