Sanremo 2023, the FantaSanremo breaks through the ceiling of one million subscribers

And the fantasy game team prepares the transfer to the flower city of the Bar where it all began

The race doesn’t stop FantaSanremo towards Sanremo 2023. Le subscriptions at the festival-related game they reached the milestone of a million. To understand the result, just think that last year registrations closed the night before the start of the festival at 500,000. And the result had been judged enormous, given that the year before there had been 50,000 members. This year, with more than two weeks to go before the festival, FantaSanremo can count on a following comparable to the average audience of some of the main generalist TV stations. And it promises, thanks to the many competing artists who have already made it clear that they want to play along, to return to punctuating the performances of the competing singers on the Ariston stage with irony and gags, easing the tension and making the usually more unpredictable moments predictable and static of the festival ceremony, those of the presentations of artists and songs.

On the night of the million-signup record, al Bar Corva ‘da Papalina’ in Porto Sant’Elpidiothere was a toast to “a success beyond all wildest expectations”, Giacomo Piccinini, one of the founders of the fantasy game, told Adnkronos.

But in the face of the unprecedented success of the game, another novelty is on its way: the transfer to Sanremo of the Bar and the game team, to recreate in the city of flowers the climate that generated the idea of ​​FantaSanremo among a group of festival enthusiasts. In recent days, a meeting was held with the Sanremo administration and also an inspection by some team members, including Massimo Mannucci and Nicolò Peroni (called Papalina and now known to all thanks to the festival). And now only the last details are missing for Bar Corva to move to the ground floor of the Palafiori in Sanremo for the week of the festival. “We will reproduce the atmosphere of our bar, in the city of the festival. About twenty of us will come with the FantaSanremo van”, Piccini told Adnkronos. It is no coincidence that one of the game’s bonuses appeared that seems to refer to this: in fact, the artist who leaves a coffee suspended ‘at Papalina’ for another artist in the competition earns 25 points.

But bonuses and malus reserve many other surprises. If last year the cry ‘Skullcap!’ (dedicated to the nickname of the barman of the restaurant in the Marche region where everything was born in 2020) had depopulated on the stage of the Ariston Theater (even Massimo Ranieri did not hold back, in the name of his grandchildren, earning 50 points in the fantasy game), this year, in confirms that the fantasy game no longer needs to seek visibility, the Regulation establishes that saying ‘FantaSanremo’ during the live broadcast from Ariston will cause you to lose 10 points. But you can do it again by high-fiving Gianni Morandi’s big hands (+10 points), having the orchestra conducted by Beppe Vessicchio (+25 points), performing with a nipple in sight (+10 points) and in many other ways . They are not missing bonuses and malus in the name of irony and also ad personam: if Tananai is ranked Last he gets 100 points, if Article 31 scores 31 points in the evening they get another 31 as a bonus, if an artist shows clothing that can be considered a Maneskin cosplay he gets 20 points, if the audience gets up and gives life to a little train during a singer’s performance, the ‘Maracaibo bonus’ (+50 points) is triggered for the latter, while the sarcastic ‘rave bonus’ arrives if more than 49 people invade the stage (in this case there are “6 years”, with clear reference to the recent decree). “Other bonuses and malus will arrive during the festival: there will be three valid only for each evening of the festival, which will be communicated on the same day”, announces Piccinini to Adnkronos.

The mechanism of the game remains the same: each player has at his disposal 100 Baudi (the bargaining chip could only be named after the dean of conductors from San Mere) to compose his team, choosing five of the singers in the competition and nominating one of them as captain. Entries will close the night before the start of the festival and from that moment each player will earn or lose points, based on what the artists he has chosen for the team will do on stage. At the end of the festival, in addition to the winners among the players, there will be a winning artist: the one who has scored the highest score in the five evenings of the festival. Last year the winner was Emma Marrone, who now leads a very popular league among players.

Of Antonella Nesi