Sanremo 2023, the partial classification after the first evening

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There first evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023 (LIVE) has seen great voices of Italian music perform, starting with Anna Oxa and Marco Mengoni, together with the talents of Sanremo Giovani. On stage, a very emotional Chiara Ferragni dedicated her monologue to herself as a child and to all the women (the same courses at the Ariston, to present the activities of the DiRe Association).

There was no shortage of emotions, with the Poohs and their homage to Stefano D’Orazio, and with Roberto Benigni who spoke about the Constitution in front of Sergio Mattarella (for the first time at the Festival). But there was no shortage of controversy either, with Blanco who – unable to sing due to technical problems – split all the roses amidst boos from the audience (PHOTO).

Sanremo 2023, the performances of the first evening

To open the competition between the Big in Sanremo 2023 is Anna Oxa with her intense Sali (Song of the Soul)followed by the winner of Sanremo Giovani, Gianmariawhich he brought to the Ariston stage Monster. Mr. Rain with Super heroes he is accompanied by a children’s choir, which makes the story of two people who face their adversities together even more delicate. Then comes one of the favorites to win, Marco Mengoniwith Two lives. Aries, for the first time in Sanremo, sings Sea of ​​troublewhile Ultimo returns to the Festival with Sunrise after the second place of 2019. I Coma_Things tell of their moment of crisis in The farewell, and close the performance with a romantic kiss. A sensual one Elodies sing a love finished in Twowhile Leo Gassmann brings to the stage Third heart. They follow Country Cousinsfor the first time in Sanremo, with a piece written by The list representative, Letter 22. Gianluca Grignani sings When you’re out of breath, a song inspired by a phone call from his father with whom he has a complicated relationship. Directly from Sanremo Giovani then come Olly with Dust and Colla Zio with I do not feel like. Mara Sattei closes the list of the 14 big names of the evening with Two thousand minutes.


Here is the provisional ranking of Sanremo 2023.

  1. Marco Mengoni – Two lives
  2. Elodies – Two
  3. Coma_Things – The farewell
  4. Last – Sunrise
  5. Leo Gassamann – Third heart
  6. Mara Sattei – Two thousand minutes
  7. Glue Uncle – I do not feel like
  8. Countryside cousins ​​- Letter 22
  9. Mr Rain – Super heroes
  10. Gianluca Grignani – When you’re out of breath
  11. ram – Sea of ​​trouble
  12. Gianmaria – Monster
  13. Olly – Dust
  14. Anna Oxa – Salts