Sanremo 2023, the report cards from the sofa of G3nt3 Com3 Noi

Created in real time exclusively for AdnKronos

Here they are report cards of the performance of the 14 singers in the competition in the early evening of the Sanremo 2023 festival (the other 14 will make their debut on the second evening, while there will be 28 in the lineup on the third, fourth and fifth evening), prepared in real time exclusively for AdnKronos by G3nt3 Com3 Us, a national-popular listening group suffering from the “Ariston syndrome”, which manifests itself with the spasmodic wait for the 5 days of the Festival for 11 months and 3 weeks a year. Three friends “born with the cathode ray tube but promoted to the test of digital literacy” who have always been “happy to pay the Rai license fee to comment the songs, the artists and their performances with bittersweet irony”. “No one more than us deserves a front row seat at the Sanremo Festival” is the battle cry of the trio, unaccustomed to understatement. To speak with the @G3nt3Com3Noi, look for them on Twitter and Instagram and on the @Adnkronos accounts.

Anna Oxa – Sali (Song of the Soul)

Her voice is not discussed, the return after so many years was expected as the third degree of the “trial to myself”. The AO artist didn’t disappoint in terms of presence and charisma…but the song doesn’t warm up. Difficult and a little pretentious. But we will be eternally grateful regardless of the Tim Burton-style look. We cast this first grade with some dread of the grade the AO artist might later cast on us. Vote 6+

gIANMARIA – Monster

More mature than the debut of ‘X Factor’, there is doubt that he used the same stylist as Oxa. Despite the diaphanous pallor, it presents a non-trivial song with a pressing rhythm. Vote 6 1/2

Mr Rain – Super heroes

Attempt the story effect of C’è Posta per Te with children on stage but for now we’ll close the envelope. Her superhero can’t be called ugly, maybe we’ll give her a second chance on Thursday evening but today it’s a “ni”. Vote 5 1/2