Sanremo 2023, Ultimo: “I finish second? I’ll sign for another 4 years like this”

Competing with the song ‘Alba’, after the second place in 2019 which left a bad taste in his mouth

“If I finish second? I would sign to relive the four years I lived after the second place in 2019”. Ultimo faces the return to Sanremo 2023 with philosophy, competing with the song ‘Alba’, after that second place in 2019 which left a bitter taste in his mouth.

On the predictions that give him the favourite, he says: “I’m living it lightly, with the sole desire to present ‘Alba’ (which is part of the new self-titled album completely self-produced by his Ultimo Records label) and try to send the message to beware inside and try to outdo yourself. For me, returning to Sanremo – he has been repeating for days – is also the possibility of closing a circle with Sanremo, in a different way from 2019. The reason why I return is also that I am 27 years old. It’s not that, since I go to stadiums, then I don’t go to Sanremo. I want to get involved, I feel the fire inside”.

On the evening of duets, Ultimo will propose a medley with Eros Ramazzotti: “It will be three pieces and one of these is ‘An emotion forever’, which is my favorite piece of Eros. I connect the pieces of Eros to pure childhood. When I hear his songs I feel good,” he says. And to those who ask him if he has tried to involve Antonello Venditti, with whom he has a special relationship, Ultimo replies: “I played Alba to Venditti and then I told him about the duet but always in a rather abstract way. For me Antonello is a father “. How did it go with Eros? “I have a very beautiful and simple relationship with him. So I picked up the phone, I offered him the duet and he said yes”, she underlines.

Of his relationship with the festival, he adds: “The effect I have when I come to Sanremo is always one of great responsibility. But a different sense of responsibility than live shows. Because at concerts there are people who have chosen to stay there, here you are guest of a stage where everything has a thousand spotlights”. And of the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, he adds: “It will be great emotion. His arrival at the festival is recognition for the whole world of music”.