Sanremo 2023, what is Mr. Rain’s real name and why did he choose this pseudonym

Sanremo Festival 2023: among the big names in the race there is also the singer Mr. Rain, do you know what his real name is and why he chose this pseudonym? Here’s what transpired.

This evening, Tuesday 7 February, the 63rd edition of the Sanremo Festival begins. Also this year the event is conducted by Amadeus who has chosen Gianni Morandi alongside him for all the episodes. In total there are 5 and they will take place, in fact, from this evening until Saturday 11. The conductor, you will recall, as soon as the last edition ended, had made it known that he was not sure of taking the helm again, only to then announce shortly after that he had accepted the offer.

Mr.Rain, why he chose this name and what it means-Credits: instagram (sologossip)

For a few weeks now we have also known the names of the big names in the competition: there are great comebacks and first times for some artists. We also learned the names of the co-hosts. Chiara Ferragni will be alongside Amadeus. The influencer will open the first evening and will also be present in the last one. We will also see Francesca Fagnani, Chiara Francini and Paola Enogu. Among the singers we will hear on stage is Mr. Rain.

He is a famous rapper, born in Desenzano Del Garda in 1991. He started his musical activity about 12 years ago when he released his debut mixtape Time 2 Eat. He also participated in the selections of the seventh edition of X-factor. In recent years, his songs have had a crazy success, such as the song I Grandi never cry, released in 2017. But what do we know about the singer? Let’s find out what his real name is and why he chose this pseudonym.

Sanremo Festival 2023: who is Mr. Rain, what is his real name and why is it called that

Mr. Rain is among the artists competing at the Sanremo Festival 2023. Bring the song Superheroes. In the evening of the duets she will sing together with Fasma the song by Cesare Cremonini ‘Qualcosa di grande’. The singer was born in Desenzano del Garda in 1991. His career in the music world began in 2011 and two years later he participated in the selections of the seventh edition of X-Factor together with rapper Osso. He then dropped out of the program after passing this first step.

In recent years we have had the opportunity to appreciate it more and more. His songs are very listened to today, such as, to name a few, The Greats never cry, Survivor, Ipernova, Fiori di Chernobyl. You will know that this is not his real name, but it is Mattia Balardi: but why did you choose this pseudonym?

mr. rain real name
Mr.Rain, meaning of his stage name and his name-Credits: instagram (sologossip)

Apparently, as he reported, he decided to call himself that because he loves to write on rainy days. In melancholy moments he manages to express his best, managing to get in tune with himself, which doesn’t happen when the sun is out.