Sanremo 2023, when Zelensky will speak

In a recorded video message. The controversy continues between the protests of pacifists and the support of the Ukrainian community

The video message of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky at the Sanremo Festival will go aired before the final play-off between the top five finishers to win the Festival. Adnkronos learns this from sources close to the organization of the Festival, which seems intent on placing the moment of reflection on the war in Ukraine after the first part of the competition, without interrupting the sequence of the performance of the 28 singers in the competition.

The video message, which should be quite short, around two minutes, will be recorded in the next few days and will therefore be broadcast very late in the evening. Before the grand final is held in the top five qualified artists. Zelensky, with a past as a showman (actor, comedian, director and screenwriter), is not new to interventions of this type: from the Cannes to the Venice festivals, up to the Golden Globes, in the last year, the president has peeped out in the major events of the entertainment world of the countries that support Ukraine. This time, Bruno Vespa was the intermediary for the intervention in Sanremo who, having gone to Kiev to interview the Ukrainian president for ‘Porta a Porta’, connected on 15 January with ‘Domenica In’ announcing Zelensky’s message for Amadeus. The artistic director and conductor of the festival immediately accepted the appeal saying that the natural location for the institutional intervention would have been the final.

Since then, a heated debate has started on the ‘window’ open to Zelensky in the festival, with the pacifists who organized a ‘Festival of disarmament’ in Sanremo on Saturday 11 February (the day of the festival’s final) against the sending of weapons from part of Italy to Ukraine on Pian di Nave in front of the Port and the Ukrainian community of the province of Imperia ready instead to counter-demonstrate in support of the Ukrainian president in front of the Ariston.