Sanremo 2023, Will: “The Ariston is my circle of fire”

The singer from Vittorio Veneto brings ‘Stupido’ to the competition: “I want to arrive at the festival 100% ready, I’m doing singing lessons every day”.

“I’ve already had a rehearsal with the orchestra in Rome but now we’ll be doing two at the Ariston. That will be my jump into the circle of fire. I want to sing this song well, I want to arrive at the festival 100% ready. I’m having singing lessons every day.” Will, born William Busetti (born in 1999, from Vittorio Veneto)does not hide a certain performance anxiety in front of the debut a San Remo 2023in the same competition with some sacred monsters of the current scene and of the history of Italian music.

“I’m afraid of feeling ‘Stupid’, as I tell the story in the song I bring to the festival, which is a universal piece, in which everyone can relate. I hope that Sanremo, with its media circus, will also help me leave behind some of shyness”, says Will, with a past as a promising footballer (“my former coach wrote to tell me ‘now you have to join the National Singers’, even before complimenting me on arriving at the festival”, he confesses laughing).

The passion for music has turned into his main occupation during the pandemic: “I wrote a lot years before but during the Covid I began to think that this could be my path”. In late 2019, Will released his first tracks on YouTube followed by an EP. Driven by the positive results of his first projects, but it was in 2020 with the song ‘Summer’ that Will reached the general public and obtained platinum certification, exceeding 30 million streams on Spotify alone. His musical references are on the one hand those of his peers (“I listened to a lot of trap”) but on the other hand those provided to him by his parents, with his father who is passionate about Italian songwriters and his mother from Manchester who made him listen to English pop . “The artist I can’t wait to hear on stage is Giorgia, because she is a point of reference in our family”, he confesses. “For the night of the covers I had planned to sing in English but then if I do not happy dad and if I don’t not happy mom … I can’t say what I chose but a choice was made,” he says.

‘Stupido’ is the beginning of a new musical chapter and after Sanremo there will also be a tour (“but I’ll think about it after the festival, I want to do something special”). On the song that will lead to the Ariston he says: “Basically it’s a song that talks about the fact that we often want to do huge things but then happiness lies in the little things. I’ve done many stupid things, some can’t even be told” .

In 2020 he tried the way of ‘X Factor’ but was eliminated at the Bootcamps: “I was so immature. I had also forgotten the text. If there is one thing that sport has taught me, it is that failures are needed. Back to home, I said: someone is liking my music, ok it’s my way”, underlines Will who will have Valeriano Della Valle as conductor in Sanremo.

On the fact that among the young people of Sanremo there seems to be a return to classical and love songs, after years of invective, Will says: “I find it beautiful. Communicating hatred doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, especially if you talk to young people”.

As for his half-English origins, he jokes: “I’m English above all in my culinary habits, I like junk food. And then in the fact that my mum left me free to make mistakes, as long as I was ready to pay the consequences. In the vision I’m more Italian than football and I’m an Inter fan at heart, very happy for yesterday’s victory.”

In Sanremo he didn’t want anyone but his brother: “Everyone asked me to come, relatives, friends, girlfriends, exes. But I have to concentrate on the festival”. On the FantaSanremo he assures that he will “play along, also because the FantaSanremo reminds us that music is also fun and games”.