Sanremo 2023, Zucchero: “Never sent a song to Amadeus”

The artist: “Mine was only an ironic provocation”. And then she points out: “And I never said that the Beatles, Bono and U2 are bad musicians”

“I want to specify it: I have never sent a song to Amadeus”. So in a note Zucchero ‘Sugar’ Fornaciari clarifies his words. The artist explains: “Yesterday I held a press conference in Reggio Emilia to announce my 2 concerts at the Rcf Arena (9 and 10 June 2023) and with my usual good-natured irony and sincerity I answered the questions of the journalists present. I am not that of the ‘no comment’, I don’t get out of the way and go straight, but even seeing headlines like ‘They don’t even want me in the race in Sanremo’ is different from what I meant because it was obviously an ironic joke. I have never sent a song to Amadeus, in his capacity as Artistic Director, to possibly participate in the competition at the Sanremo Festival. Mine was just an ironic provocation.”

Then he also takes the opportunity to clarify another aspect: “Among other things, yesterday I never said that the Beatles, Bono and U2 are bad musicians, I never used that term, I would never dare, but I said that even the Beatles and U2 have admitted that they are not technically virtuosic but mediocre musicians, yet they have written incredible songs that have entered people’s hearts. Hugs to all”.