Sanremo 2024, Amadeus ready for first announcement from Fiorello – Video

The artistic director of the festival promises advances on ‘Viva Rai2’ for the next edition starting tomorrow

At Sanremo 2024, Fiorello will be there. The showman himself revealed it in one of his direct social features at dawn from the bar in via Montello, where he takes a coffee before starting the live TV of Viva Rai2. “But I’m only going to the last one, to get Amadeus back. Just five minutes, after the winner was announced, to take him away after his fifth festival,” said Fiorello with that tone always between the serious and the ironic.

“We started the first edition together and I won’t be able to miss it at the end of the fifth festival”, underlined the showman, who this morning also hosted a clip of Amadeus, from the dressing room of the ‘Soliti Ignoti’, in which the conductor and artistic director of the festival promises the first advances on the 2024 festival for tomorrow, within ‘Viva Rai2’.

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In short, from these first days after the festival, it seems that Amadeus, after having consecrated the model of the ‘widespread festival’, which involves the entire city of Sanremo and also the waters in front of it, believes more and more in the ‘infinite festival’, which between previews, riddles and casting lasts practically 12 months. On the other hand, on more than one occasion, Amadeus has underlined how the fact of having received the assignment so early that it allows him to work on it for a whole year has contributed to the success of his last few festivals.