Sanremo 2024, Amadeus: “Sorry for booing Geolier”. Tonight Fiorello co-host

The showman jokes: “Given the results, long live the Qua Qua Ball”. Super guests Bolle, Argentero and Cinquetti

“I’m always sorry when I hear boos against someone. Geolier is a much loved boy, he’s talented, evidently in the sum and yesterday’s votes if he came first it means he was voted for”. Amadeus said this when commenting on the boos from the audience last night at the announcement of Geolier’s victory on the evening of the Sanremo covers. “There is disappointment in the history of the festival, it’s part of the game. I found the booing unfair towards a boy of just over twenty – added Amadeus – You could see from his expression that he was upset, for him it is an evening that he will never forget.”

“Let’s not forget that Guè, Luché, Gigi D’Alessio were there, and the performance was well put together – says the host -. I’m of the opinion that people shouldn’t be booed, he did his job and should be respected the thoughts of those who voted for him”. Amadeus reveals that he still spoke to the Neapolitan rapper after the evening: “I couldn’t meet him afterwards, but he is a strong boy and I think this love strengthens him even more”.

But protests aside, Amadeus is satisfied with his festival and above all with the tandem with Fiorello who will join him tonight also as co-host. “I am overjoyed for this week that I will never forget. Fiorello, with whom I have been friends for 38 years, was fundamental in many moments. I would never have been able to do a Sanremo like this without him.” Amadeus says this about his friend and co-host tonight in Sanremo, Fiorello. “I like that he has very high attention to detail, believe me. He knows the show like few others and his brilliance is at the service of the program. He always found something new every year,” adds Amadeus.

Anxiety about the final evening? Tonight at 6pm “real anxiety sets in: Fiorello and I are Inter fans on one side, those who support Roma on another side”. to follow the important Serie A championship match that the two, avid Inter fans, have no intention of missing. Locked in a separate room, given that Rai CEO Roberto Sergio and CEO Giampaolo Rossi are Roma supporters.

Fiorello: “For me, a special evening, I dedicate it to Bibi Ballandi”

In his first press conference as official co-host of the final evening of Sanremo Fiorello joked: “Given the results of the festival, I would do the Ballo del Qua Qua again. It was a good festival and since nothing serious had happened we stuck to that “I am very honored – he adds – to have been part of these five editions, even if last year we were in smart working. Tonight I will be on stage, we will have fun and for me it will be a special evening because both my daughters will be there, as well as to my wife, in the audience. This will make everything even more exciting, I will have to be careful not to overdo it”, he underlines.

“Tonight the real news for me is that I will also do the presentations. For me it is the most difficult thing. It seems easy but it is not”, he adds. As for Friday’s performance, when he took on the role of Manuel Franjo to dance with Lorella Cuccarini: “Lorella almost didn’t recognize me, then in the ballet we lost time for laughter. But the unexpected makes this job beautiful, I don’t like it prepare everything 100%.”

“To whom do I dedicate this evening? Naturally to my family of origin and to my family with Susanna. More than the evening I dedicate my career to him, because I am now almost 64 years old, to all the people I have met and who have supported me given something, starting from the tourist villages. Then Claudio Cecchetto, Maurizio Costanzo, Giampiero Solari. But if I had to name one name in particular, I would say Bibi Ballandi”.

Final challenge tonight at 30

The grand finale of Sanremo 2024 airs this evening, with the 30 singers who will compete for victory. At the beginning of the evening, for the first time after 4 evenings, the entire provisional ranking will be revealed.

The show will open with the Army Band performing the Mameli Hymn. Then the Big 30 will perform. In the end Amadeus will give a ranking. And the top five will compete again with the vote of all the juries.

Tonight Fiorello returns to the stage as co-host, after having shared the adventure of these five years with Amadeus, doing everything, partner in crime, spoiler, fantasist, guardian angel. Guests of the evening will be Roberto Bolle, Luca Argentero and Gigliola Cinquetti, who returns to Sanremo to celebrate 60 years of ‘Non ho l’età’. There will also be a moment dedicated to the 70 years of Rai and the 100 years of radio. For the connection with Piazza Colombo there will be Tananai, while Tedua will return to the Costa Smeralda.

The evening will end with the awards ceremony. “We’ll finish in time to switch the line to ‘Unomattina Weekend'”, quips Federica Lentini, deputy director of Prime Time Entertainment.

The ladder

The fifth and final evening of the Sanremo Renga and Nek festival opens. Followed by: Big Mama, Gazzelle, Dargen D’amico, Il Volo, Loredana Bertè, Negramaro, Mahmood, Santi Francesi, Diodato, Fiorella Mannoia, Alessandra Amoroso, Alfa, Irama, Ghali. And the race continues: Annalisa, Angelina Mango, Geolier, Emma, ​​Il Tre, Ricchi e Poveri, The Kolors, Maninni, La Sad, Mr Rain, Fred de Palma, Sangiovanni, Clara, Bunker 44, Closes Rose Villain.