Sanremo 2024 and televoting, that’s why Angelina Mango won and Geolier is second

The winner of the event received 40.3% of the votes but the Neapolitan artist had won in televoting

This year too, the Sanremo 2024 verdict is sparking controversy, on which the vote of the Press Room had a decisive impact. The final result of the Top5 ranking, obtained with the average of the votes of the Press Room, Radio jury and Televoting, crowned Angelina Mango with a 40.3% share. In second place Geolier with 25.2%, in third Annalisa with 17.1%, in fourth Ghali with 10.5% and in fifth Irama with 6.9%.

But in the results of the televoting things had gone differently: Geolier had won with 60%, Angelina Mango was second but with a very large gap having obtained 16.1% of the telephone votes, third was Ghali with 8.3%, fourth Annalisa with 8% and Irama fifth with 7.5%.

Therefore, it was clear that the Press Room – which was called upon to express only one preference in the final 5-way playoff – voted en masse for Angelina Mango. And this did not fail to spark violent controversy on social media, especially among Geolier fans.