Sanremo 2024, Brignone yellow: no greeting to Sofia Goggia, on the ‘hunchback’ there was

The manager: “It’s just a matter of time, they didn’t let her talk, it’s TV times”

The audience at the Ariston Theater did not miss a small but not insignificant change of script at the end of Federica Brignone’s speech on stage. On the electronic ‘prompter’ visible in the room there were also greetings for Sofia Goggia, whose season was stopped by a serious injury in recent days, with a fracture of the tibia and malleolus and the season ended early after an operation. But Brignone did not utter that ending. Immediately, as the strong rivalry between the two champions was known, someone gave a mischievous interpretation of what could have been an oversight, a choice or a cut due to time constraints.

Contacted by Adnkronos, Federica Brignone’s manager, Giulia Mancini, assured that it was the third hypothesis: “Just a problem of time. Unfortunately they didn’t even let her speak. Unfortunately these are television times”. In fact, the champion, who arrived on stage with a ski helmet in hand, did not mention that she was expected to attend the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics either and she gave the impression of wanting to speak at a certain point. . She was preceded by Marco Mengoni who intervened by saying “I have never been on snow, never been on skis”.