Sanremo 2024, father GioGiò posts photo Geolier with machine gun: “Fuitevenne”

The post after the delivery of the plaque to the artist by the mayor of Naples. The mother of the young man killed: “Outraged”

The delivery by the mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, of a personalized plaque to Geolier at Maschio Angioino was not liked by Franco Cutolo, father of Giovambattista Cutolo ‘GiòGiò’, the 24-year-old musician shot dead by a minor at dawn of last August 31st in Naples. “Fuitevenne”, writes Cutolo quoting Eduardo De Filippo while in another post he puts a still image of Geolier’s video in ‘Narcos’ in which he holds a rifle. “Mayor Manfredi, thank you, you are great”, writes Cutolo in another post with the angry and disgusted emoticon.

“I’m indignant”, “You can’t do something like this. This sends the wrong message”, Daniela Di Maggio, GiòGiò’s mother, said to the ‘Corriere del Mezzogiorno’ website, again in reference to the delivery of the license plate.

“I certainly defended him and I will defend Geolier, who is changing his way of writing and making music. Who also said that since Giogiò’s death the kids have understood many things, that having a weapon is not the solution, that neighborhood kids need to change. Well, that was the goal. But rewarding only those who in the past held the golden Kalashnikov, i.e. Geolier, excluding one victim, Giogiò, is inconsistent, wrong – he underlines – I wonder: what message do you, mayor of Naples, want to give to the city? I’m outraged.”

The plaque in Geolier

“I am grateful for the support of my city, which was not obvious, it was ‘exaggerated’. The people really felt entitled to support me. In the end it is true, when a product leaves Naples the Neapolitans own it, so I they are the property of Naples”, said Geolier on the occasion of the presentation of the plaque. “I want to thank everyone, I thank the mayor for his closeness to me as a young person and to young people. I went to Sanremo with the aim of bringing the Neapolitan language and I succeeded. In the end the result matters little, I was happy with everything “, concluded the singer.

“It is a recognition that we give to a true son of this city, an expression of one of the many faces of our culture and of the musical culture of the city”, said Manfredi. “We will ask him for a strong commitment, because we have already started activities in our suburbs. We need these testimonials who bring positive messages, we must speak to this great population of children, young people, using their language, music and their cultural expressions”, added the mayor of Naples