Sanremo 2024, Fiorello: “Alessia Marcuzzi co-host at Viva Rai2. But she doesn’t know it yet”

The showman’s announcement to Tg2 Post: “The invitation to Adriano Celentano has also gone out, he will surprise us”

A surprise co-host for Fiorello at Sanremo 2024. “We too at the Festival, in the glass of Viva Rai 2, will have a ‘cocò’, a co-host: the great and super-phantasmagorical Alessia Marcuzzi. And the beautiful thing is that she he doesn’t know it yet: he will only know it if he is watching TV at the moment…”, says Fiorello, in connection with Tg2 Post directed by Antonio Preziosi, guest of the presenter Manuela Moreno.

Fiorello reports that “the invitation has gone out for Adriano Celentano to the Sanremo Festival”. And he comments: “He always surprises you, in his choices, in every sense. Most likely he will surprise us this time too, both if he were to come and if he were not to come…”.

Alessia Marcuzzi’s response arrives shortly with a video on Instagram. “Yes I will be your co-co, co-co, co-host!”, says Marcuzzi. “Fiorello is crazy, completely crazy. I was walking with my dog ​​and my parents called me to tell me that he was on Tg2. He didn’t warn me, I got the surprise through the phone calls. My mother and father told me having said that the request arrived live. I want to let you know dear Fiorello that I have no commitments in that period but even if I had I would have said yes”, he concludes.