Sanremo 2024, from Bertè Gallo Cedrone to Mahmood in a gold tracksuit: report cards for the looks of the final

Brushstrokes of colour, LEDs, gold, metal and feathers, the last evening of the Festival is a riot of originality

“Anything can happen tonight,” he said Amadeus opening the final of Sanremo 2024. And the same can be said for the outfits shown off by the competing singers: after a week dedicated to crystals, leather and the monotony of black, at the Ariston it is the fair of originality between LEDs, feathers, strokes of color, metal and sequins. Shines, as always, Amadeus, thanks to the black jacket with crystals and optical motifs designed, this time too, by Gai Mattiolo. Elegant with panache. Rating: 7.

Renga and Nek don’t miss a note with the double-breasted jacket, the former is black and the latter is London smoke. The effect is well-behaved twins. Rating: 6. Lady in red BigMama, who enchants with a bustier dress made of transparencies, complete with an exposed crinoline and matching make-up. “Fotonica, she chose red to set the stage on fire” they chirp on X. Very classy in our opinion, she wins hands down. Rating: 10.

The linen jacket in February? Moreover, worn over the inevitable black sweatshirt. Gazelles, we’re not there. He is the inglorious loser of this Festival. And to think that for the final we would have expected a flash of style. Without vote. Dargen D’Amico, the red and the black. The singer is king of hearts in a two-tone Moschino dress with more than 2,000 little hearts in contrasting sequins that follow the artist’s movements at every step. The nice touch are the different colored lace-ups. Rating: 8 for originality. Fiorello enters and everything lights up, like the edges of her black dress surrounded by many LED threads. The showman performs in a mash-up between Michael Jackson and Domenico Modugno, in a cartoony outfit, complete with gloves and hats. “To do this number I was in office all afternoon” he jokes. Very original, it is variety personified. For the second change of clothes, the National Flower wears a Giorgio Armani sequined waistcoat and trousers. “I’m your Lady Gaga tonight” he says, turning to Amadeus. Rating 8.

Three shades of black for Il Volo. Jacket, zip-up shirt and blouse. It’s impossible to be more total black than this. Rating: 5. Loredana Bertè capercaillie. The singer, in a total Valentino look, shows off a pair of ‘feathered’ mask sunglasses that recall the skirt of the minidress. “She has a plantation of feathers on her head” someone writes on social media. Perhaps a little too much even for those who have made provocation a lifestyle. Score: 6-. Sparkling velvet for Negramaro, including instrument straps. Sangiorgi&Co. they choose Giorgio Armani clothes with soft fabrics and strong oriental accents. Rating: 6. But is it Tananai or David Byrne? The singer, a guest at the Ariston, descends the stairs in a super oversized gray overcoat which recalls, in its volumes, the famous XXL jacket of the Talking Heads frontman in the video for ‘Once in a lifetime’. Rating: 5.

Street but with class Mahmood, finally in a gold tracksuit (like the title of the song he wears in the race), cargo trousers and a large black leather anorak. A look designed especially for him by Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino. “Mahmood with the golden trousers, Lord forgive me because I have sinned” writes a fan on X. And we agree. As for style there is no doubt, it is the total winner of this edition. Rating: 11. The French Saints are ethereal, in a total white look: dress with bolero jacket and wide trousers for the singer, Alessandro De Santis, and transparent lace shirt for the keyboard player, Mario Francese. The duo, in Dolce&Gabbana, confirms itself at the top of our report cards. Score: 9. Diodato, what a little priest! Turtleneck, jacket and trousers, all black, the singer has now accustomed us to his hieratic looks. Luckily it’s the final: the mass is over, he can go in peace. Rating: 5 and a half.

Sensual Fiorella Mannoia as she proudly takes to the stage wrapped in a long velvet evening dress, which leaves her décolleté exposed. It’s immediately “astonishment and wonder”. Rating: 7. Alessandra Amoroso is enchanting as she goes down the stairs of the theater in a cut-out black dress that leaves the back bare, created for her by Roberto Cavalli by Fausto Puglisi and embellished with all-over foliage embroidery. Beautiful. Score: 9. The little heart is there. The t-shirt too. Alfa is consistent with the look chosen from the first evening and we are no different. Rating: 4. Sexy and classy Irama, in a black dress complete with scarf. Rating: 7 and a half. Ghali is sculptural, with a lurex turtleneck and built-in gloves, worn under a geometric waistcoat à la Klaus Nomi. Score: 8. We were expecting the garter belt by now. The flattened hair too. For Annalisa the only difference with the looks of the previous evenings is the length of the dress. For the final, the singer opts for a black long dress with transparencies, slits and padded straps by Dolce&Gabbana. ‘Sincerely’ irresistible. Rating: 7.

here she is Angelina Mango competing in sensuality with Annalisa. Black and green bodysuit with lace inserts and overskirt embroidered with jet and black crystals, at her feet Mary-Jane in velours, the singer rotates the very long skirt but trips as soon as she goes up the stairs. Despite the wardrobe malfunction she doesn’t lose her smile. Rating: 7. she is wearing a deconstructed blazer covered in Swarovski crystals and black Geolier trousers, an Emporio Armani dress. A decisive change of pace compared to previous evenings which brings it up in our ratings: Rating: 6 and a half. The leather suit, a reinterpretation of the iconic Ferrari garment, is very beautiful. Well done Emma, ​​finally some rock on the Ariston stage, at least for her look. The red patent pumps by Casadei are the icing on the cake. Rating: 7. Usually bare chested for Il Tre, in a black suit with an organza jacket. At least in the final a button could be fastened. Rating: 5.

“We don’t have bright colors,” they say. And instead the Rich and Poor are blinding red, including the gigantic stole-hand that grasps Angela. Rating: 6 for sympathy. Never change a winning team. The Kolors return to dress Emporio Armani also in the final in total black with beaded applications in relief for Stash. Rating: 6. The men’s gloves are one of the gems of the final. Maninni rides the trend and combines them with a black suit. Very elegant. Rating 7. The very studded nails by La Sad match the color of the hair. “Do you like this outfit?” the three ask Amadeus, showing a fake tattoo on their hand with the host’s face. Absolutely on topic. Rating: 9.

He has a very long overcoat fastened with a Mr. Rain jewel brooch and we know that elegance always rewards. Rating: 7 and a half. Return to Paradise for Fred De Palma, dressed in white. We really like the angelic look worn by bad boys. Rating: 8. Sangiovanni, oh my! The striped shirt is the one to be spotted in detergent advertisements. The extra baggy trousers, on the other hand, are fantastic. Halfway rating: 5 and a half. “How beautiful, how beautiful” Amadeus repeats to Clara when she comes down the stairs in a diagonally cut metallic mesh dress tied around her neck. The gladiator sandals are a marvel, as is the hair gathered in a long ponytail. She straight to the top of our podium. Rating: 10 cum laude.

Surprisingly elegant Bnkr44 in a variety of tailored suits, gray blazers, trousers and skirt. The only discordant note? The beanie with the sunglasses. For the rest, tonight we reward the commitment: 7 and a half votes. How do you resist Rose Villain? Despite being the last to perform, it can be said that being so late was worth it. The dress with geometric patterned crystal bodice and velvet skirt would also be perfect for the Prima alla Scala. Rating: 9 and a half. (by Federica Mochi)