Sanremo 2024, Geolier: “My Neapolitan has no grammar but habits”

He brought the Neapolitan dialect of the districts and neighborhoods to the Ariston. Geolier took the stage at the Sanremo Festival (WATCH THE SPECIAL) with I p’me, you pyou, an identifying song. He is expected to perform three concerts at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium as well as another at the Lucca Summer Festival.

Emanuele let’s start from the story I p’me, you p‘you: how was Sanremo born and was your clear choice?

The Neapolitan himself pushed me in this direction, I wanted to bring him to Ariston without distorting myself. He was born in Neapolitan and brings the message of respect in the couple, he talks about when a love ends and if you don’t understand it the situation becomes toxic.

The choice of language has divided: there are those who say that you have distorted a language, those who valorise it, those who say Sanremo is the Italian song festival and therefore it’s not good: your thoughts? I know it’s pride for you.

On the other hand, I work like this, Neapolitan has always changed, from Salvatore Di Giacomo to me there have been a thousand changes. Neapolitan has no grammar but habits, I speak the local one.

Beyond the debates, it is a piece that underlines your artistic identity: will you proceed along this line in the future?

My art is Neapolitan, maybe something in Italian will come but only to demonstrate that I can do that too.

I know you have often watched the Festival on the sofa with mum and dad: are they now with you in Sanremo or on the sofa with an empty seat?

They come here but not every night, probably the last two.

What do you think about the fact that there will be no ranking until the final?

I tell you that for me the rankings are never useful, they diminish the art.

Eduardo said that two people on a bench are already a script: is this your way of experiencing music?

I get inspired by everything. I talk to an old lady and a record can be born: Naples is intense, it’s full of love, of art. My generation reaps what others have sown.

With Guè, Luchè and Gigi D’Alessio you will make a medley that is Roads: what can you tell me?

It represents three facets of my music. Gigi is Naples, everyone is linked to Naples.

Can you explain to me the choice of your travel companions?
Beyond friendship, Gigi is culture, I grew up with Luché and Guè, I bring my past and my present to Ariston.

In this 2024 it is the five years of Emmanuelyour first album: will you celebrate it in some way?

I absolutely have to do it live, it’s too early to re-edit it, we’ll talk about it again in another five years.

Three concerts at the Maradona stadium then the Lucca Summer Festival: a special summer awaits you.

After Sanremo I can do everything but now I want to finish it in the best way. I still have to digest the beauty of singing surrounded by my people but here I talk to people who don’t know me and it’s more difficult.

Beyond these appointments, what will happen in the next few weeks?

The first thing to finish this week will be to return to Naples, then I have to finish the album. We hope to make it, a record is a child and requires time and attention. However, it must be said that I am a perfectionist but fast: for me the auditions are already good.