Sanremo 2024, Il Tre: “From Ariston I apologize to those who I wouldn’t have wanted to lose”

Competing with the song ‘Fragili’, the Roman rapper announces: “I want to enjoy this Festival”. And on FantaSanremo: “You can count on me”

It is one of rapper most loved by young people and, after having conquered the Italian charts with just two albums, he is preparing to tread the most important stage for Italian music. AND’ The Threeborn Guido Senia, born in 1997, for the first time at the Festival of Sanremo with the song ‘Fragile’ because “we are all a little fragile” but the important thing “is knowing how to live with your mistakes and your inner demons”, says the rapper in a pre-Sanremo press conference.

The song tells of a personal experience, a relationship that “didn’t really end well because basically I made some mistakes” admits Il Tre who also tries to apologize in the song because “I’m really sorry and because in life it’s important to recognize your mistakes “. “These experiences – he says – they make me grow and understand that many times you first have to realize the jewel you have in your hands.”

Yes, because “the person who was at my side was a jewel that I would not have wanted to lose and in the song I also reflect on myself and on the fact that basically I am not exactly the person I would like to be”. The girl in the song, therefore, “deserves better” and if she watches Sanremo she will certainly understand that we are talking about her: “even if it’s over, it’s still a beautiful love story and she will hear what I have to say to her right from that stage over there”. A real twist also because “I haven’t heard from her for months”.

Skipping the text and moving on to sound and to theextrabeat more ‘restrained’, the Roman rapper explains: “on that stage I wanted to bring something of mine and give a signal to those who follow me”. Because if it is true that 80% of the people who follow Sanremo “probably don’t know me”, there is still a 20% who “have been following me for a very long time and I wanted to make it clear that it’s still me”. It’s true, “I combined pop with rap but maintaining a rap root. I know I can’t do Krakow on the stage of Sanremo but I chose the right compromise.”

As for theanxiety to tread such an important stage, Il Tre replies: “there will be, but it will be positive. I wanted Sanremo so much. It’s such a beautiful moment that maybe it won’t happen again or maybe it will, that it’s almost stupid not to enjoy it.” And to those who ask him what changed after signing with a major label he replies: “The stereotype says that once signed to a major label, the artist can no longer say what he wants and express his artistic potential. In reality it is not true and I say it in Krakow pt.3: I signed with a major label and no one ever dictated to me what to write in the songs or how to sing them”.

Always in the same song too the reference to talent: “It was proposed to me but I always chose to take another type of path, that is, the apprenticeship, without going through the TV and using what is, let’s say, a ‘shortcut'”. In the Sanremo environment his participation had been expected at the Festival for a few years and in fact there were other songs presented, such as ‘Rome’ And ‘Invisible’ and to those who ask him to confirm the name of Fabrizio Moro for the duets evening he replies: “I can’t confirm”.

Sanremo, Il Tre underlines, “represents both a point of arrival, because I have been trying to get to that stage for several years, and a starting point, because at the same time a new chapter opens with a whole other series of events” , including yours first live at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome Saturday 9 November: “I think one of the most important things that I have dreamed of for a long time”. And to those who talk about missed steps, he says: “I’ve had many years of experience and I think it’s the right event at the right time”. Finally, on FantaSanremo “you can count on me but there’s no way I can twerk on stage.” For the rest, “FantaSanremo is a serious thing, like Fantasy Football. I will take it seriously”. (Of Loredana Errico)