Sanremo 2024, Jovanotti appears in the Big names for Amadeus

Rumors about the presence of Negramaro, rumors about Subsonica and The Kolors

For Sanremo 2024, increasingly high-sounding names are circulating in the inevitable toto-Big. Now it’s Jovanotti’s turn. Lorenzo Cherubini, a friend of Amadeus since the days of Radio Deejay as well as Fiorello, has already appeared in the 2022 Festival, when, after having written and composed the song ‘Apri tutti le porte’, presented in the competition by Gianni Morandi, during the covers evening, he participated as a couple with the singer from Monghidoro, presenting a medley of some of their greatest hits and winning the trophy of the duets evening.

Is Jovanotti back in the race?

But now – according to what Adnkronos has learned – there is a persistent rumor that Amadeus could be able to convince, for what is currently described as the last festival of his management, Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini to return to the competition, 35 years after his only participation in 1989 with the song ‘Vasco’. Even if we will eventually have to deal with the rehabilitation that Jovanotti is facing after the bad bicycle accident this summer in Santo Domingo. But since such a rumor is circulating, it is confirmation that Sanremo 2024, after the results in terms of sales and visibility of the previous 4 editions signed by Amadeus, is more desired than ever by the artists.

Negramaro, Subsonica, The Kolors: the rumours

Another great return to the race, which is hypothesized, is that of Negramaro. The Salento band may not be the only group in the race, since there are rumors of the possibility presence of The Kolors and Subsonica. The swirl of names involves several prominent names and also several festival debuts, including that of Alessandra Amoroso. In the ‘hype’ quota there could be, in addition to The Kolors, other great protagonists of the summer and of the charts, such as Angelina Mango, Annalisa, Geolier and Tedua.

The names circulating, with 26 artists competing from 6 to 10 February, are naturally many more. Among those who sent a song to Amadeus there would also be Biagio Antonacci, Max Gazzè, Arisa, Rocco Hunt, Sangiovanni, Fred De Palma, Irama, Benjamin Mascolo and Nek & Renga. For the senior quota, a new song by Al Bano, who has been trying to get back into the competition at the festival for years, would also be arriving for Amadeus headphones. Rumors of all kinds are circulating but the road is still long.

Young people and Amadeus’ choices

Registrations for Sanremo Giovani closed on 19 October, with two songs proposed, one for the Youth competition, and another, in case of a podium, for participation in the 2024 festival. Of the 26 artists who will take the stage in February , 3 will in fact be the first classified in Sanremo Giovani. From 19 October, therefore, Amadeus, with the help of its musical commission, has begun to select the young people who will arrive, after an initial screening, at the live auditions (at least 30 according to what the regulation suggests) and will then choose 8 who, added to the 4 selected from the Sanremo Area competition, they will become the 12 competitors who will compete in the Sanremo Giovani final, set for December 13th in prime time on Rai1.

By then Amadeus will have also sent the invitation to the 23 Bigs, which – states the regulation – “may be made known from 1 December 2023 through communication to the media”. Meanwhile, other rumors about the complex festival machine are also starting to circulate, such as the move of ‘Viva Rai2’ ‘Glass’ to Sanremo, due to the post-festival live broadcasts that Fiorello already ensured remotely last year, connecting late at night from Via Asiago. Furthermore, this year the Sicilian showman has promised to return to the Ariston stage, at least on the final evening, to go and get his friend, with whom he has shared the festival adventure from the beginning.