Sanremo 2024, Mahmood dances Tuta Gold in the press conference

The Sanremo Festival 2024 it ended with the victory of Angelina Mango. But we will remember the last edition by Amadeus as the edition of catchphrases. From A boy a girl by The Kolors a Boredom by Angelina Mango, passing through Sincerely by Annalisa e Apnea by Emma, ​​the choruses resonate in our heads from the first performance. One above all, however, we can’t help but listen to it on loop: Gold suit. After all, just take a look at social media to understand the extent of the phenomenon Alessandro Mahmoud (aka Mahmood). Someone who knows how to eat up the stage, dominate the charts, always reinvent himself. AND show up at a press conference with his crew, to dance to life. To a success that – as a child – he didn’t even dare to dream of.

Mahmood’s press conference (with dance).

During the days of the Festival, the Instagram account of Mahmood gave a show within the show. And part of the credit goes to its marketing initiatives. He gave away gold cell phones, Mahmood. He parked a truck bed under the hotel, organized pajama parties, danced in a bathrobe overlooking the balcony, taught him dance tutorials with his parents Gold suit. And he also brought that dance to the press conference. Because Mahmood, who knows how to win the Festival, understood one thing: you don’t think about victory. Never. Otherwise everything ends: the journey ends, the adventure ends, the fun ends. He loves not knowing how it will end, this artist who has taken everything. Which he won in disbelief with his Moneyfulfilled the predictions with Chills. Who matured, became a style icon, innovated Italian music. Without forgetting the past but, indeed, bringing it into his music. In the evening of duets (PHOTO) he got involved, celebrating Sardinia and with her her mother. In Gold suit he quotes a father who didn’t want to leave him anything, not even his surname. With poetry, with energy. With authenticity. Because Alessandro Mahmud was able to become Mahmood in an Italy that finds itself in front of his music. He was able to do it despite everything, despite the violence of his school years. He was able to do it with pride, taking revenge on him. Without a shred of anger. Until performing in front of journalists, in a ballet that is a bit of a consecration.

Gold suitthe meaning

Gold suit makes you dance. But it is by listening to her words that we understand their essence. Because Mahmood’s life wasn’t easy. There was the racismThe prejudice, a father who is not much of a dad. And a mother who was everything. From that suburban life, he emerged stronger. In his nineties gold tracksuit, he danced in seedy clubs and dreamed of making music. His music. “The insults did me good | When outside of middle school I took them and cried | You said go back to your country | You know that I don’t hold a grudge | Even if dad asks me | To change my surname”, he sings in that song which marks the his return. A return that, on October 21st, will take him to Assago Forum. For a (first) concert that feels like a sold-out.