Sanremo 2024, Povia ready to return after 15 years: “But is the festival ready for me?”

The singer-songwriter: “It’s an injustice to be penalized because you say what you think”

“Being a singer-songwriter who deals with social issues, I don’t agree with everyone and the music goes in one direction: love songs. After 15 years I would be ready to return to Sanremo, but the question is always the same: we don’t know if the Festival is ready for me and the themes I sing. I would never waste a Sanremo if I had nothing to say.” This is what was revealed by the singer-songwriter Povia during the live broadcast of the program ‘Igorà-Tutti in piazza’, created and hosted by Igor Righetti, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 8.30pm on Rai Radio1 directed by Francesco Pionati.

In 2005 Povia conquered the general public with ‘I bambini fa ooh’, in 2006 he won the Sanremo Festival with ‘Vorrei ave il becco’, in 2009 he placed second with ‘Luca era gay’ and in 2010 with ‘La vera’ he arrived tenth. For years he has been doing many concerts throughout Italy and his musical production has never stopped. Igor Righetti then asked the singer-songwriter if, as an artist, he believes he has suffered injustices: “It is an injustice to be penalized because you say what you think – Povia replied – or because what I think or sing perhaps does not go in the direction of political correctness I think that politically correct means false. I feel very out of the ‘game’. The worst thing is that I often feel ridiculed and derided. There are pages going around on the web with things that are attributed to me but that I never said. Yesterday, for For example, a concert already scheduled for December with an evening dedicated to sick children was cancelled.”