Sanremo 2024, Ramazzotti and the message of peace: “No more wars, no more blood”

The artist brings ‘Terra Promessa’ back to the Ariston and jokes about John Travolta

To the tune of ‘Terra Promessa’, 40 years after participating with the song at the Ariston, Eros Ramazzotti arrives on the stage of Sanremo 2024. The welcome is very warm. While he sings, the audience and the gallery stand up to dance, a train circulates in the corridors of the audience, and a sign is framed in the gallery: ‘Eros, we will always be the kids of today’. And with the song in the background, sung a cappella with the orchestra’s choristers, the artist launches a message of peace: “Almost 500 million children live in conflict zones, millions more will never see the promised land. I mean only one thing: no more blood, no more wars, no more peace”, he says.

So, the exchange with Amadeus: “Are you making me do the qua qua dance too?”, he asks, referring to the famous gag of which John Travolta was the protagonist yesterday. “Was he unpleasant? You should have given him a little more money,” says the singer. And here comes Amadeus’s jab: “You would do it with more kindness.”