Sanremo 2024, second evening at the start: we start with the ‘grandfather’ of Viva Rai2

15 singers competing tonight, the lineup of performances: Fred De Palma opens, Clara closes. Waiting for Giovanni Allevi

Off we go second evening of Sanremo 2024. To accompany this time Amadeus on the Ariston stage it is Georgietoday’s co-host. 15 out of 30 singers ready to performaccompanied for the occasion by the other 15 competing colleagues who will be on stage tomorrow. Fred De Palma opens the event, while Clara closes. Space, obviously, also for guests. Tonight Sanremo will see the return of Giovanni Allevi: the composer has in fact been absent from the stage for 2 years after being struck by myeloma. “I’m hyper-focused for this evening, I’ll play the piano in front of an audience again after almost 2 years of absence from the stage due to therapies”, he said in the press room. The international guest is the actor and icon John Travolta.

We start with the ‘grandfather’ of Viva Rai2

It fell to the ‘grandfather’ of ‘Viva Rai2’, Ruggiero Del Vecchio, to open the second evening of Sanremo 2024. “Welcome to the second evening of the 74th Italian song festival”, said the elderly man who has become the mascot of Fiorello’s morning program .

The scene opened with Amadeus and Fiorello in front of the entrance to the Ariston, with the Sicilian showman making fun of his artistic director friend: “Do you think that tonight the co-co (as Fiorello has now renamed every type of co-host, ed. ) is Giorgia. So he will present a singer, who will present the singers, who will present the singers”, he joked referring to the evening’s lineup which includes the performance of songs by 15 of the competing singers, who will be presented by the other 15 colleagues who instead they will sing tomorrow.

Amadeus tries to enter the Ariston, Fiorello holds him back: “No, don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything. You need to rest. There is someone who will open the festival for you”. At that point the direction focuses on the Ariston stage where Ruggiero is entering, with the pass around his neck. Fiorello asks him to sing ‘ItaloDisco’, which becomes a melodic song from times gone by. Amadeus reaches the ‘Viva Rai2’ retiree at the Ariston. “Ruggero, you were very good”, says Amadeus who then also makes him sing a very personal version of ‘Mon Amour’ by Annalisa.