Sanremo 2024, Sisal predictions: Angelina Mango sings her father and is without rivals

Covers and duets, the favorite artist for the fourth evening but Geolier and Il Volo try to counter her

Among the evenings of the Sanremo Festival, the one featuring covers and duets has certainly been one of the most awaited in recent years and this year too the artists are preparing to set the Ariston stage on fire in a competition all in the name of memory. The fourth evening of the Festival, therefore, promises fun and emotion. So who is the possible winner of the award for the best cover of 2024? The favorite and also the most awaited is Angelina Mango who, together with the string quartet of the Orchestra of Rome, singing La Rondine will bring to the stage the memory of her father who passed away in 2014: offered at 1.65 she is the candidate for victory according to Sisal experts.

It is therefore about emotions – we read in a Sisal note – and there is no audience more inclined to express them with strength and passion than the Neapolitan one. Geolier’s performance will be dedicated to his fellow citizens and his city. The rapper will bring with him his colleague Luché and Gigi D’Alessio, two emblematic voices of Naples, with whom he will perform in the Strade medley. The predictions predict that he will be back on the podium: Geolier winning on the cover evening is given at 3.00. However, there are many performances that promise to excite spectators. Il Volo, played at 9.00, is ready to show off all its undisputed singing virtues to win a place in the Top 3 and celebrate the legend of Freddy Mercury. In fact, the trio will be accompanied by guitarist Stef Burns in the performance of Who Wants to Live Forever.

Annalisa with La Representative di Lista and the Artemia choir, on the other hand, wants to make people dance, inside and outside the Ariston, to the rhythm of Sweet Dreams (Are made of this) by Eurythmics, but – like her at 12.00 – Negramaro and Loredana Berté are ready to duel to win one of the highest places in the ranking. The choice to aim straight at the hearts of Italians with cornerstones of the country’s musical history – La canzone del Sole for the former paired with Malika Ayane and Ragazzo mio by Luigi Tenco for Berté supported by the singer-songwriter and producer Venerus – could definitely make the difference. Between Lady Marmalade, performed by Big Mama, and Love you come, love you go chosen by Diodato; among the Lamette brought on stage by La Sad with the Rettore and the Ricchi e Poveri who recall their great successes alongside Paola and Chiara, therefore, the fourth evening of the Festival will be the first to collect the vote of all the Juries and promises to excite and amaze.