Sanremo 2024, Teresa Mannino and the stairs: it’s an immediate show

The comedian: “Sanremo is loved, Ama is loved, everyone loves each other but I’m not going down”. Then the Eskimo kiss to Amadeus

“All the journalists are here, if something happens in the world we will never know.” The Teresa Mannino’s first entry was an immediate show. The comedian, co-host of the third evening of Sanremo 2024, begins with a ‘blockage’ caused by stairs: “Sanremo is loved, Ama is loved, everyone loves each other but I don’t go down, because these stairs are different from all the others, with mirrored floors: did you even put wax on them?”, he asks Amadeus. “These are of no use, only to terrify, back here there are people praying, entrusting themselves to the Madonna. Then the nice thing is that he (Amadeus, ed.) tells you: it’s the most beautiful moment, when there are 10 millions of Italians watching us. You should have been a psychologist!”, he exclaims to the laughter of the Ariston audience.

“I’ll only come down if the Sanremo public asks me to”, who immediately calls for his descent. “But it’s not like that, it’s not a condominium meeting, you have to shout: Te-re-sa Te-re-sa”, the public satisfies her. So she makes up her mind and asks maestro Adriano Pennino for the right music to go down one step at a time, keeping pace with each step. When she arrives on stage she dances with Amadeus until a casquet finale. “I haven’t done gymnastics since primary school”, is Teresa’s final comment.

“Of course, think of the whole world, all of Italy that sees Sanremo and who sees? The two of us: in Sanremo more noses than flowers. Giovanna – he says looking at Amadeus’ wife sitting in the front row – we can give each other an Eskimo kiss ?”, before rubbing his nose against Amadeus’.

“Now you can start commenting on the clothes. I always watch Sanremo to say: how ugly that dress is! Then, if it’s beautiful, it doesn’t look good on her”, he says to the laughter of the audience. “I thank my stylist (Fausto Puglisi for Roberto Cavalli, ed.), I won’t mention his name otherwise a mess will happen but he is the stylist of Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Teresa Mannino. He started his career with Whitney Houston and ends it with me,” he laughs. “This dress (cream-colored pajama trousers, blouse with bell sleeves trimmed with feathers and comfortable boots in the same color, ed.) is the same as Jennifer Lopez but she goes shopping in them. If I go to the butcher like this, I’ll He plucks it and puts me in the refrigerated counter.” At the end of the intervention, Il Volo enters and will present Mr Rain and she lies down in the arms of the three.

In the following monologue, after having reviewed the habits of baboons (“who greet each other by squeezing their penises”) and leaf-cutter ants (who have a sustainable agricultural society and use males only once a year to procreate and they “die happy because their life has been all fucked up”), he concludes: “Human animals prefer power. Power over other men, over women, over children, over nature. I too like power, but the power of, which has another energy, the power to laugh and make people laugh, to dress in feathers, to sing out of tune, to dance in the street. I am not willing to ignore the stories that have not yet passed, if it has not passed it is not the time to move on”.